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Taxi driving experience in Dubai and costs

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You can read almost everywhere on the Internet that a taxi is cheap in Dubai. As you can see from my Dubai travel report, this is also true. Nevertheless, I would like to give you a few tips on driving a taxi in Dubai. I wish you happy reading.

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How expensive is a taxi ride in Dubai?

Compared to Germany, it is really incredibly cheap. But this is also due to the fact that gasoline is simply very cheap in the Emirates. When we planned our trip to Dubai (see also tips for the first trip to Dubai) we decided to simply plan everything by taxi. But I have to honestly say that in the long run it will cost a lot. While in Germany you have to pay per minute, in Dubai you pay per KM driven. Should you be stuck in a traffic jam for an hour, then you just don't pay. A taxi in Dubai costs only 1.60 dirhams per kilometer, which is about 40 cents. In addition, there is a base price of 5 dirhams, which corresponds to around 1.20 euros. So it's really cheap.

The costs add up quickly ...

Of course, 40 cents per KM doesn't sound like a lot, but it adds up very quickly and we noticed this too. For example, we drove from our hotel to Al-Mamzar Beach Park and according to Google Maps it is only about 35 KM. We therefore counted on around 60 dirhams, but in the end it was a good 90 dirhams, i.e. just under 23 euros, of course we also had to go back and with a tip, 50 euros are gone.

Problems with taxi in Dubai

In my opinion, there are two problems that can quickly increase the cost of a taxi in Dubai. Dubai is simply a gigantic construction site and you can get lost quickly, which can happen to a taxi driver. Simply turning is not an option and you often have to take a very long detour. I haven't seen a taxi with a GPS in Dubai and the route is therefore almost never optimal. Many taxi drivers hardly speak English and know their way around the city center very well, but things get problematic a little further away. In this way, what is supposed to be a cheap trip becomes a very expensive one.

My experience with taxiing in Dubai

In general, my experience was very good - almost all of the taxi drivers come from India, Afghanistan or Iraq. They are incredibly nice people who also like to talk from time to time. The air conditioning in the taxis also runs at full speed, which should not be underestimated, it can get quite cool. English can get a bit of a problem and the taxi driver doesn't like to admit that he doesn't know the destination but smiles and tries somehow to find the destination. We always gave tips, a round up helps here. Unfortunately, credit card payments are not always possible, so always take cash with you!

Tips for a taxi ride in Dubai

After a few trips we noticed that a taxi driver could easily find the Burj Khalifa, but other destinations such as the Hard Rock Café in Dubai can be a problem. In the end, we solved this very easily and simply entered the start and destination in Google Maps and then simply showed them to the taxi driver. Many then laughed briefly and with an "Ahh, okay i know" the journey started and we found everything.

The Metro - A cheap alternative to a taxi in Dubai

Somehow I didn't quite understand the public transport in Dubai and we didn't take the bus, which annoys me a bit. Dubai is also not particularly well planned when it comes to pedestrians, as a pedestrian path simply ends or you can only reach some destinations by car. A really good alternative to taxi, however, is the metro. If you travel alone or as a couple, you can reach almost any destination by metro. You can read my tips in the article "The Metro - An Alternative to Taxi in Dubai".

Conclusion - simply combine metro and taxi

Personally, I would simply combine the Dubai metro and taxi. You can easily take the metro for longer distances and then take a taxi for the rest of the way. Taxis can be found everywhere in Dubai and this combination is really very cheap in the end.


At this point I would like to add Mandy's comment to the article "In Dubai, you don't just pay the price per kilometer, you also pay 30 AED per hour for standing and waiting times„.

Thanks for this advice :-)