Meditation increases self-control why

Self control

1. Train your self-control
2. Self-control through brain training

We need our self-control every day. For every task we do that we don't want to but need to do, be it housework or brushing our teeth in the morning we control our self. But not infrequently we wish to have more of it in order to finally realize long-awaited projects or to eat healthier or to do more sport.

Practice your self-control

Indeed it is Self control something that you can not only improve, you can actually improve it train specifically. An area in our brain, the working memory, is responsible for making decisions. If this area is improved, it will be easier for us to make decisions that seem unsightly at the moment, but will bring long-term benefits. So it can help to eat healthier, but to go to sport again instead of sitting on the couch or starting or continuing other projects. The ability to concentrate during the day also benefits from strong self-control.
In fact, not only can a lack of self-control harm us by making bad decisions, it can also be a symptom of serious neural disorders such as PICK's disease. However, this mainly affects the elderly. Seniors can particularly benefit from brain training, as mental degradation can often pose an immediate threat to their wellbeing.
Blitzblick is one of our exercises. This is about concentration and rapid processing of information. Try to click the numbers in ascending order, but be careful, this exercise is tough too.

Self-control through brain training

Brain training on NeuroNation specifically improves this area of ​​the brain by challenging and stimulating your brain with various exercises. The exercises are based on scientific studies to guarantee their effectiveness. Overall there is over 60 exercises in 5 different areas to ensure that the exercises remain motivating and exciting. In addition, we also offer you courses that specifically train your strengths or weaknesses.