How fast does a magnolia tree grow

How fast do magnolias grow?

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How fast do magnolias grow?

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Most magnolias grow slowly, with optimal location and care usually around 30 cm, later, from around 3 to 5. Stand year, occasionally up to approx. 50 cm per year.
Star magnolia (Magnolia stellata) and purple magnolia (Magnolia liliiflora) and their varieties e.g. 'Nigra' (dark purple) or 'Susan' (pink) grow particularly slowly, usually with only 15 to 20 cm annual growth, and are therefore particularly suitable for a small front yard.

For the fastest possible growth, see also our special page fertilize hedge, fertilizer for fast growth (privacy screen). With regard to magnolias, it should be noted that they require lime-free fertilizer and are best planted in rhododendron soil for optimal growth, see also plants sensitive to lime, plants for acidic soil: care (culture)
Conversely, if you want to limit the vigor, you can cultivate them in pots as container plants.

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