What's your favorite song from Migos


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Have now liked everything nowoo 15 facts🤔❤️

I saw it hahaha😂😂❤
1. you are MY Christina😍❤
2. are a wonderful girl ❤
3. beautiful❤
4. Mega nice ❤
5. Character made of gold❤
6. Always help me with my problems🙄❤
7. I am grateful for everything😍❤
8. are my best friend forever ❤
9. everything can be entrusted to you ❤
10. are always there for me ❤
11. It's always too funny with you ❤
12. You belong only to me❤😍
13. are the greatest girl there is ❤
14. I love you ❤
15. and you me ❤😍

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Dude? Coke or Fanta? School or vacation? Iphone or Android? Have you ever had a sexual experience other than kissing? Do you own thongs? Make-up or no make-up? Green or blue eyes? In love or forgiven?

15- Fanta- Ferien- iPhone- - - Make-up- Brown- -

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Do you prefer blonde or black haired?

More like brown-haired or black-haired

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are you interested in someone right now?

How old are you?

Who you love?

Caro is cool

Only she thinks too 😛

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Want to ask you something but I'm ashamed Ya how can I ask you?

just ask

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You know who I am or

No, somehow not

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what would you forbid your friend or what would you just not want?

I wouldn't forbid anything to my boyfriend, he should already know how to behave in a relationship.

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You are a strong independent woman anyway

Aww 😋❤️
You too anyway 🤷🏻‍♀️💋

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+1 answer in: "You need a friend"

Would you kiss the last person you kissed again?

Uh no, we'd rather leave 😂🤪

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Do a video response want to hear your voice

Nicole Kunz, Pia, Klaudia, Vanessa, Vika, Caro, bella, Natalia, Steffi, Christina, Anika, Helena, Veronika, Diana

Nicole- no more real contact
Pia- love her, mega cute funny humor❤️ @ Pia_444
Vanessa - beautiful figure, mega nice have been outside a lot lately 😚
Vigga- all my bitch HAHA were enemies back then but now I love them, homie❤️ @Victoria_Brh
Caro & Bella- These are my best friends, I love them both so much ❤️ both funny and handicapped but it's my sisters ❤️❤️ / my Beatles ❤️ @cxro __ @ Bella_606
Natalia- no more real contact
Steffijo were in class together once
Christina- joa nice too, Blondie, sees some things more strictly than they are😘
Anika from Gym - nice, small, really pretty, and our Insta Chat wow HAHAAHAH
Helena- who is that?
Have you known for a long time, Baba ass mega nice 😂❤️
Diana- kp

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In love?

What do you regret

Would you get together with someone you don't love

I don't eat broccoli either if I don't like it

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Virgin ?

Ne still cancer 🦀

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Name game? 😊

tell something

Don't have anything great to say.

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Can someone write to you

Kiiiim du Sondi❤️didn't even know that you had ask hahahaha😂

But you've been schon too long

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"Do you insult people?

Who do you Love

Can someone write to you You are so beautiful😍😻


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