What are the eating habits of skinks

Can you eat snake meat?

In many parts of Asia and Africa, as well as in the United States, snake meat is considered a delicacy. Consumption is highest in the United States and China. In Germany, snake meat is usually only available in specialty shops and special restaurants.

The taste of snakes is somewhat reminiscent of chicken and similar poultry. The meat consistency differs depending on the type of snake. Some meat is rather firm, comparable to eel, while others are soft like butter. With a fat content of 3.7 percent, it is very lean, but at the same time rich in protein.

Snake meat can contain salmonella and should therefore only be eaten well cooked and sufficiently heated. It can be prepared in many different ways. To do this, the snake is first gutted and its belly is carefully rinsed with water. If the exotic meat is deep-fried or fried, the animal is also skinned. The skin is usually not removed for preparation on the grill.

The meat of the reptiles can also be cooked, consumed as a soup, baked or wrapped in a batter. The meat of almost every type of snake is in principle edible, including that of poisonous rattlesnakes. However, the preparation should be left to experienced cooks.