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Friends have already said to us: "Are you crazy to draw your students' attention to online German courses? Soon nobody will come to Bamberg anymore. Everyone just wants to learn from home via the Internet." However, an Internet German course certainly does not replace the experience and personal experience of a language course in the country where the language is spoken, because: What is the purpose of learning language and speaking? First of all, understanding and communicating with people of other nationalities.

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But for preparation and follow-up, text study or simply to have constant contact with the foreign language, the courses are another option and worth a personal attempt if you want to achieve the following:

  • Take first steps in the foreign language.
  • Learn regardless of fixed times and rooms.
  • Maintain contact with the foreign language according to your own mood.
  • To prioritize theory and grammar over interactive communication.
  • Make preparations for a German course in Bamberg.

Effective online German lessons

At the German language institute TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE, German is not only taught in the classroom at the school in Bamberg, but online individual lessons are also offered via Skype. Before deciding on a more complex course program, many German learners only book the "test modules", which include two private lessons 1-to-1 for € 50 *. For more information, please refer to the course program at Germancourses-via-Skype.com.
* At TREFFPUNKT-ONLINE you will only be taught by professional and experienced German teachers.


The popular, successful alternative to learning software:



Online tutorials

Compared to multimedia software, online courses usually have the advantage that they are moderated, that is, accompanied by a tutor. You can also book them in small learning modules, so that the financial risk is lower. The following are the interesting learning opportunities on the Internet:

  • "German language blog- In German, please!" by Jens from London >>> Oesentuition.co.uk/german-language-blog
  • 123deutsch.com: Learn German in a playful way by listening to funny stories. Improve your listening skills and understand native speakers too. Learn spoken grammar with the pictures and colors. And actively practice the content with the Quizlet APP. The site also offers support from experienced language teachers.
  • Deutsche Welle (DW) offers German courses for elementary and intermediate levels as well as business German and gives tips on "stumbling blocks". An accompanying book and audio files can be easily downloaded.
    In this context, a multimedia-supported language course is also part of the program under the heading Redaktion-D, which prepares for the certificates of the levels A1 and A2.
    Another Deutsche Welle program, also for beginners, is called "German - Why Not?"
    The Deutsche Welle telenovelas "JoJo sucht das Glück" for level B1 and B2 are also very nicely done. You will accompany the Brazilian student Jojo on her search for happiness and love in Cologne on the Rhine. With 66 videos and a lot of other learning material, you will get to know the country and its people with Jojo and her friends.
    You can find an overview of all of Deutsche Welle's self-study programs under the keyword "German to take away" as a .pdf
  • The podcast Slow German by Annik Rubens deals in short episodes (5-7 minutes) with topics from everyday German life. The full texts can also be read or downloaded on the homepage.
  • The Bamberg blog on bamblog.wordpress.com with the aim of getting to know Bamberg “from the inside”. There are topics and tasks to: (1) the curious (2) cultural and (3) sporty
  • Deutschlernreise.de - Learn German and get to know Germany - interactive tasks for German as a foreign language
  • Hauptstrasse117.de is a comprehensive online course for levels A1 and A2 at Friedrich Schiller University Jena. In addition, there are freely accessible online exercises at the University of Jena at www.hauptstrasse117.uni-jena.de/en/.
  • KALEIDOSKOP - EVERYDAY EVERYDAY IN GERMANY is an Internet project for cultural studies that was set up with the support of the Goethe Institute. It offers an extensive range of materials (almost 2000 pages) and a popular forum. In 2003 KALEIDOSKOP was awarded the renowned MERLOT Prize (USA) for online educational programs: www.kaleidos.de/alltag/
  • Sprachheld.de/deutsch-lernen/ offers a free guide to learning German. In 17 chapters German learners will find a lot of information and resources to learn German. No matter if beginner or advanced, grammar topics, vocabulary, videos, podcasts and much more can be found there.
  • Learn German with fun for learning German with a lot of fun. Vocabulary lessons, jokes and short stories in German / English. All lessons were recorded by a native speaker.
  • Deutschunterricht.org - Lots of useful information on German lessons, especially in schools in the USA - detailed information on teaching materials
  • Selected collections of material on "German as a Foreign Language" from some universities
  • Lens - Linguistics on the Internet, a comprehensive resource for all linguists
  • Learn to write better: You can find out how to make an impression with good expression in the e-book www.gergey.com/besser-schreiben-lernen.pdf with 42 practical tips
  • Ich-will-deutsch-lernen.de is a new and innovative online learning portal of the German Adult Education Association (DVV). The portal offers a total of more than 11,000 exercises. Here you will learn German at levels A1, A2 and B1, you will find exercises in the working and professional language of German and you can especially learn to read and write in German. Most lessons begin with a short episode of our web soap "Schnitzel and Dolmades". Access is free, you just need an email address.
  • Practice German online with the Deutschakademie.de/Online-Deutschkurs: The grammar and vocabulary exercises are tailored to the levels of the European Framework of Reference and to selected textbooks. You can practice specific grammatical problems in a targeted manner. Our teachers are constantly striving to enlarge and improve the practice possibilities of the course.
  • Mein-Deutschbuch.de: Internet portal for general German lessons with a focus on DaF, a unique online reference work on German grammar, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, dictations, grammar exercises and much more useful information.
  • Online exercises for German as a foreign language: grammar, vocabulary, regional studies, quizzes, etc. are available at www.ralf-kinas.de
  • Under "Make German Your Business", the BBC offers audio clips from the television program as well as valuable tips on learning the language and German culture.
  • Oklahoma State University offers a virtual learning center for learning German at germanonline.okstate.edu.
  • Deutschlern.net offers up-to-date texts from news to learn and practice. Registration is required to start. The initiator is Joachim Quandt from the Centro Navarro de Autoprendizaje de Idiomas (CNAI).
  • With LearnPlus German Courses you can take the first steps in learning German online. The courses are interactive and offer assistance from tutors. Free access and course demo.
  • uni-deutsch, the Goethe-Institut's "German for Studies, Research and Work" program, is used to prepare for the entrance exams for studying in Germany: Test-DaF, ZOP, DSH, KDS. During your individual preparation at home, you will be accompanied by online tutors from the Goethe-Institut. All material can also be printed out.
  • The "German Language on the Internet" page from Deutsche-Kultur-International.de primarily provides an overview of the Goethe-Institut's offers.
  • LangExpress.com: a good collection of innovative learning materials for learning German as well as other languages.
  • Derweg.org: For everyone who already speaks German and wants to continuously improve it, there is the magazine "Der Weg". It appears quarterly and is free of charge. The website has a lot of materials to download, information about Germany and a discussion forum. Try it!
  • Lguide.com: A Guide to Learning Online, with Reviews, Analysis and loads of tips. "German" is just one topic among many.
  • learntospeak.com: In addition to German, you can also learn English, Spanish and French here. A tutor answers questions and there are lots of links to grammar examples, pictures, translation books and audio files.
  • Germanlanguagelessons.com: Here you will learn more than 400 helpful sentences to master everyday situations.
  • GFL learning on the Internet by Herbert J. Holzinger from the University of Valencia
  • Vocabulix.com - Vocabulary trainer - Free and online practice of vocabulary in German, English and Spanish
  • To get to know a method that helps to memorize German words more easily and to practice using them with the help of software, click on learn-german-program.com/learngerman.html
  • German for beginners - learn German right from the start with fun little lessons.

The online courses will become even more attractive due to continuously improved technology, especially for the basic levels A1-B1, as the combination of text, audio and video makes the whole thing more and more fun. However, if you "really" want to learn and practice the language, an on-campus course will always be the first choice. Here is our offer: Learn-german-home-tuition.com.

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