Are the Moonies still around?

Super Moonies (song)

We Super Moonies are proud to know you should always be a part of us
We Super Moonies can still learn a lot from you, we are never alone with you again! We Super Moonies are proud to know you, we openly admit it.
We Super Moonies can still learn a lot from you, we would love to be like you! Spoken / spoken:
Hi, Super Moonies, it's me, your Sailor Moon!
I've wanted to tell you for a long time that I think your music is really great.
You really know me really well.
Even some of my most secret desires and dreams do not escape you.
I hear you experience my great adventures up close, I think that's great!
Actually, my name is Bunny in normal life and I'm a shy girl!
As you know, I don't trust myself too much.
The guys in my class sometimes even call me crybaby because I like to whine.
But one thing is certain: my friends are the most important thing to me. Luna made me Sailor Moon
and I'm a bit different.
The moonstone gives me the strength to fight against evil.
Together with my Sailor Warriors, I make sure that the dark forces have no chance of defeating the good.
Our greatest enemy is Metallia, the black energy.
She wants to destroy love in the universe with all her might.
Yes, - the Sailorteam fights together for love and justice, because "Together we are strong", that is our motto.
Each and every one of us is putting our lives on the line.
As you know, the fighting is not easy, but with the help of our weapons we are trying to save the world.
And you Super Moonies, are always there - thank you for that!