What is the most reliable small car

Best small car: where are price and performance right?

Which vehicle is considered the best small car? Opinions differ.

According to the Federal Motor Transport Authority, they were in Flensburg on January 1, 2018 almost 46.5 million cars registered in Germany. The small cars provided with a share of 19.2 percent the second most important vehicle class No wonder, since the small cars have many advantages.

They show their strengths especially in city traffic. They are small and agile and can therefore be used maneuver comfortably through the urban jungle. Finding a parking space is also easier than z. B. with an SUV. Furthermore, there are small cars cheaper than larger vehicles - both in terms of the purchase price and taxes as well as vehicle insurance.

Best small car: Kurz & Knapp
  • What's the best new small car? The readers of the magazine "auto motor sport" chose the VW Polo in 2018. The second place goes with the BMW i3 a hybrid or electric vehicle.
  • As the best small car that second hand are available, according to the DEKRA Used Car Report 2018, the Audi A1, the Honda Jazz and the Mazda 2.
  • Look for the best small cars with automatic, is the Choice rather limited. One of the popular cars here is the VW Polo.

But which model can be described as the best new small car? What are the best used small cars? Which cut a good figure in the main inspection? We answer these and other questions in the following guide.

Small Cars: Best New Models

Looking for the best used small diesel car? Various organizations publish annual tests.

Buying a new car has many advantages. The car can be tailored exactly to the needs of the buyer. Equipment, paintwork, motorization and Co. can usually be selected from a large catalog as required.

Furthermore is a new car a prestige object for many vehicle owners.

Indeed New cars also have their price. For this reason, consumers naturally want such a vehicle when purchasing such a vehicle better to play it safe. But which model can be considered the best new small car?

Every year the readers of the “auto motor sport” magazine vote for the "Best Cars", the most popular and best cars. In 2018 the Small car leaderboard like this:
  1. VW Polo
  2. BMW i3
  3. Audi A1
  4. Mini
  5. Ford Fiesta

Which used small car is the best?

The best small cars with automatic transmissions are characterized by great driving comfort.

A new car loses a lot of its value in the first year after registration. Depending on the model and manufacturer, it can be up to 25 percent. In order not to have to bear this loss of value themselves, many people prefer to buy a used car. Used small cars are among others popular with novice drivers and as a second car.

But which model can be described as the best small car? If you are looking for a used mobile pedestal, it is advisable to to keep an eye out for cars that have made a particularly reliable impression in the past. After all, you should enjoy your new car for as long as possible and do not attract attention through defects and defects.

The best used small cars are awarded year after year by various organizations. We would like to present three of them in more detail below.

Best small car according to TÜV report 2019

Every year in autumn, the TÜV publishes one Evaluation of the main inspections of all TÜV companies. The basis for the 2019 TÜV report were around 8.8 million general inspections. The results offer a comprehensive Overview of the weaknesses and strengths of certain vehicle models. The top 5 include the following models:

  1. Hyundai i20
  2. Audi A1
  3. Toyota Yaris
  4. Opel Corsa
  5. VW Polo
So the best small car will be the Hyundai i20 excellent. The car was the least likely to fail the main inspection.

Best used car: best small car list according to the DEKRA used car report

The best hybrid small car for the readers of “auto motor sport” is the BMW i3.

The testing organization DEKRA publishes its used vehicle report every year. In contrast to other tests, this is not the age, but rather the age Mileage of a vehicle is important. According to DEKRA, the latter is essential more significant influencing factor in terms of defects.

For the DEKRA used vehicle report, the defects are identified around 15 million main inspections evaluated. Defects in the car for which the owner is typically responsible, such as worn tires, are not taken into account. The top 3 models with a Mileage up to 150,000 kilometers as follows:

  1. Audi A1
  2. Honda Jazz
  3. Mazda 2

DEKRA's best small car is the Audi A1 excellent. The The defect index for this car is 82.6. This index is calculated on the basis of the shares of vehicles without relevant defects and those with significant defects in all tested specimens.

Which small cars are the best according to the GTÜ?

The Society for Technical Supervision (GTÜ) is, like for example the TÜV, a officially recognized monitoring organization for vehicles in road traffic. This enables the GTÜ to carry out general inspections, among other things.

The magazine “auto motor sport” has Over five million general inspections carried out by the GTÜ were evaluated and determined the most reliable used small cars for 2018.

The best small car: Your personal preferences are also decisive.

The top 5 vehicles at the age of one to three years consists of the following models:

  1. Mazda 2
  2. Audi A1
  3. Toyota Yaris
  4. Opel Adam
  5. Ford Fiesta

According to GTÜ, the best small car is the Mazda 2. It had the fewest failures, defects, accumulations of wear and tear and other striking defects. His The defect rate is 2.44. It means that around 2.44 such defects occurred in 100 vehicles.

In comparison: the defect rate of the fifth-placed Ford Fiesta lies already at 5.05.

Best automatic small car: what models are there?

Automatic vehicles are becoming increasingly popular. Just These can score particularly well in dense city traffic and traffic jams, since the constant switching is no longer necessary. In addition, starting up on the mountain is no longer a problem. However, they are automatic vehicles always more expensive than the corresponding switching truck, because the built-in technology is a lot more complex.

For a long time only larger vehicles were equipped with an automatic transmission, there are now some small cars of this type. But which one is considered the best small car with an automatic?

Tests that only compare these vehicles with one another tend to be less frequent. Basically, however, it can be said that it is advisable if you are looking for one Vehicle with what is known as a dual clutch transmission decide. This one has one comparatively high efficiency, the switching processes take place particularly quickly and it comes to no interruption in traction.

Note, however, that even the best small car with an automatic transmission is usually quite a bit more expensive than a switch car. Usually you can with one Surcharge from 1,300 euros calculate.

Conclusion: which small car is best for you?

The best used small cars cut a fine figure in the general inspection.

Which vehicle can be considered the best small car? Unfortunately, we cannot give a general answer to this question. Basically, it is recommended if you are Thoroughly inform about the strengths and weaknesses of different models before buying.

But also yours personal preferenceswhat, for example, size, features, etc. should influence the purchase decision.

For used vehicles there is also an thorough assessment of the vehicle as well as a extensive test drive essential. This is the only way you can tell whether the car has serious defects and whether you really like the driving experience.

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Best small car: where are price and performance right?
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