What is Github and Hackerrank

It's Elementary 2016

This yearly contest designed by BITS-ACM checks your ability to adapt to new programming languages. You will learn one or two new programming languages ​​during the contest and code in those languages ​​only.

The languages ​​will be very different from what most people are used to and so you'll have to start from the most elementary concepts.

The programming languages ​​for this year are LOLCODE and Haskell. HackerRank allows you to write and test code directly on their interface.

LOLCODE documentation by BITS ACM (short and crisp with many examples):

Official LOLCODE documentation (long and exhaustive):

To compile code locally, you can use the LCI compiler (https://github.com/justinmeza/lci).

For Haskell, I recommend LYAH. For this contest, LYAH chapters 1 to 6 and chapter 9 will be sufficient.

To run code locally, you can use the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (https://www.haskell.org/ghc/). On Ubuntu, you can install the package.

Making A Team:

Participation in this contest requires a team with maximum 3 members per team. Each participant should be a registered user on HackerRank. Users who are not yet registered on HackerRank can register here. Once the contest starts, your submission will be counted to the team you belong to.

To create a team, one of the users (who is also the team head) has to go to www.hackerrank.com/settings and click on 'Teams' in the left side bar. Then, click on 'create team'. Create a new team and invite members. Ask the other members to confirm by going to www.hackerrank.com/settings. That's all!

Once the contest starts, you can submit code from any one of the account and it will be counted as a team submission.