Why are you studying mechanical engineering

5 reasons to study mechanical engineering

Reason no. 1 to study mechanical engineering
A degree in mechanical engineering opens up a wide range of occupations, from automotive engineering to plant engineering. An interesting industry can then be found during internships and theses during the course.

Reason # 2 to study mechanical engineering
The unemployment rate for engineers is well below 5%. The mentioned broad field of application also makes the career start independent of lulls in individual branches of mechanical engineering.

Reason no. 3 for studying mechanical engineering
The starting salary for a mechanical engineer is around 40,000-60,000 euros a year, which is significantly higher than that of many other courses.

Reason No. 4 to study mechanical engineering
As a rule, the technical college or university does not require an NC (Numerus Clausus) - i.e. a certain grade point average - for admission to a mechanical engineering course.

Reason # 5 to study mechanical engineering
In the future, too, there will be secure jobs for mechanical engineers in research and development, despite the relocation of production facilities to the east.

Job exchanges such as jobscout24, stepstone or monster, where a very large range of job advertisements are available in the engineering sector, give a very good impression of the range of career opportunities and job offers or jobs in mechanical engineering.

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