How does Adderall make you not hungry

That is how dangerous the star slim pill is

That pressure to always be perfect. Do not expose yourself to the scorn of the gossip press if the figure is not in top shape. Do not offer the paparazzi a target if the bottom is wider or cellulite is visible on the thighs.

What remains? Strict diet. Daily workout with a drill instructor.

And then suddenly there is a pill. That suppresses hunger, that promises such quick weight loss. And by the way, the concentration is also increased. Does it wonder when the temptation is great?

Jessica Simpson, US media at least knows, is the latest victim of Adderall, a pill that was originally approved as a drug for hyperactivity disorder / attention deficit (ADHD). The singer, who put on a lot of weight during her two pregnancies, presented herself rapidly slim. But when performing, she babbled confused, looked nervous, jittery and dazed.

Simpson is dependent on Adderall, reports the online portal Music times , so check into an addiction clinic now. Not a rare case: more and more actors are taking the pill, keeping their weight in this way and getting through long days of shooting. "Adderall is replacing cocaine as a Hollywood drug," a Hollywood insider told Im "W" magazine , "Because the next day it has no side effects such as alcohol or other addictive substances. Above all, it is also incredibly easy to obtain."

The United States is the only country in the world where the pill is legally available - so far 8.7 million Adderall prescriptions have been prescribed. In addition to actors and singers, US students also take the pill, wanting to cope with their high study load and increase concentration by nine hours.

But what sounds tempting can have dangerous consequences. Because the mechanism of the drug has not yet been precisely clarified. Adderall contains dextroamphetamine, which is one of the stimulants and is originally used to treat ADHD. The amphetamine, similar to the drug speed, increases alertness, the feeling of hunger disappears, one has the impression of staying wide awake and without eating the whole day.

An overdose causes palpitations, insomnia, headache, diarrhea, sweating and confusion. In addition, there can be insomnia, hallucinations, panic attacks, aggressiveness - even allergic reactions or impotence are cited by doctors as a possible risk.

This can quickly lead to psychological and physical dependence ...