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Alpaca socks

Why everyone needs a pair of alpaca socks:
They are breathable, temperature-regulating, self-cleaning, sustainably produced and particularly durable.
You will never have cold or sweaty feet again, because the alpaca stores heat in cold temperatures and releases excess heat when warmed up. Alpacas do not have summer or winter fur, but fleece. This warms and cools them at the same time. So it's no wonder that our socks are so popular.

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A brief overview of our alpaca socks

Our classic, with the mixture of 40% alpaca, 30% sheep and 30% polyamide. The socks are a bit thicker, cozy and robust at the same time. We offer these stockings in 6 colors (brown, light gray, gray, natural white, violin gray, anthracite) and 4 sizes (35-50). Since the sock is so popular, we have now also made a color combination of white with light gray in sizes 31-46. € 9.90



Your alpaca sock:
This stocking is softer and finer due to its material composition and can therefore also be worn ideally in somewhat narrower shoes. However, the roughened inside will keep you very warm. 42% alpaca 20% viscose 19% wool 4% elastane 15% polyamide / acyl / polyester. They can be worn in autumn, spring or winter. We offer them in 6 colors (dark blue, anthracite, beige, black, light blue, gray) and 3 sizes (35-46). 16 €



Finest alpaca socks (premium):
The high baby alpaca content of 80% makes this sock incredibly softand cozy. 10% merino superfine and 10% elastane are processed for good hold and durability. The stockings are a bit thicker and especially great in cold autumn or winter. At the moment we have 3 colors (brown, light gray, natural white) and 4 sizes (31-46). € 24.50

Our finest alpaca socks are not only extremely soft and particularly fine, but are also highly recommended for diabetics.

Abolengo sports sock:Our finest as a great hiking or sports sock. It is reinforced in the important areas and with a long waistband they also warm the calves. Colors blue-orange and gray size (31-50). 29 €

Luxury cozy socks: Finally they are back! Our luxury cuddly socks made from 100% baby alpaca. Ideal for the sofa or as a sleeping sock. Double knitted for even more comfort. Two colors and 3 sizes (35-46) 59 €


Baby socks

Our alpaca socks are ideal for newborns, babies and toddlers because they are antibacterial and allergen-free. Shoe sizes 15-20.







Women's alpaca socks

Our new alpaca socks with a fine cable pattern especially for women. The super composition 65% alpaca, 25% organic sheep wool, 10% nylon feels incredibly beautiful and at the same time they are a real eye-catcher in natural white or pink.


It's all in the mix

In order to take advantage of various advantages of the most varied of materials, we mix sheep's wool or elastane into the socks, depending on the quality and needs. The proportion of alpaca varies from 40% alpaca to 100% baby alpaca.


It hardly gets any softer

Our finest alpaca socks made of 80% baby alpaca, 15% polyacrylic and 5% polyamide are also a dream! In every season of the year and in every shoe, they hold optimally on the foot and prevent annoying sweat odor and overheated or

hypothermic feet. We offer these socks in four different sizes. 31-34, 35-38, 39-42, 43-46 and 47-50 and in three different colors: gray, brown, natural white.





Do you prefer something more woolly?

If you prefer it more woolly, you might like our thick knitted alpaca stockings. They are our long-term bestseller, whether at home on the sofa, in riding boots, on the hunt, in the field and forest or on a walk to clear your headto get. It is definitely a must in winter. Here, too, a special composition of warming sheep's wool, thermoregulating alpaca wool, nylon and high-quality synthetic fibers ensures perfect hold and high resilience. And best of all, they can be safely washed in the washing machine at 40 degrees.



Warm but not that thick?

Our your alpaca socks have the advantage that they are a little thinner. So you can wear them comfortably even in dress shoes. The composition is unique and makes it robust, soft and cozy. For the perfect temperature on the foot when it shouldn't be that thick.



Sofa bed socks made from 100% baby alpaca

Double knitted, to be worn on both sides? Our cuddly luxury alpaca socks promise that. They guarantee warm feet even on freezing cold days, are elegant in color and therefore a real eye-catcher. Feel-good guarantee in the sneaker,

Boots or winter shoes. The sock made of 100% finest baby alpaca is also a nice gift idea. You can order them directly from us. The best part is that we support social projects in Peru.





Our alpaca stockings are incredibly comfortable, wrinkle-free and can almost all be worn in any shoe, even hiking boots. The durability of our alpaca socks is increased by the reinforcement on the heel, ball of the foot and toe. The soft, absorbent socks pamper your feet, whether on the sofa or on the go.



Abolengo alpaca sports socks

Enjoy the day on the slopes with the innovative Abolengo alpaca ski socks. The functional sock - the highlight of our sports socks finest baby alpaca. The very high proportion of baby alpaca keeps you warm in cold and very cold temperatures, without sweating your feet or feeling uncomfortable during the lunch break in the well-heated ski hut. The padding in particularly stressed areas reduces pressure points. The Abolengo alpaca stockings offer protection with balanced shoe contact and good power transmission. Rapid heat and temperature equalization as well as the anatomical fit guarantee a high level of comfort and a pleasant day of skiing. Drive carefully. In blue-orange and gray from shoe size 31-50.


Trekking, our recommendation: Our finest alpaca socks, our alpaca sports socks or our new hiking socks for even more support. Our alpaca stockings offer the best support in every terrain.
Our alpaca socks offer the finest comfort for hikes in easy terrain, even in warm weather conditions.

The middle full padding offers adapted protection and good shoe contact. A perfect temperature is created and excellent moisture transport is guaranteed. The alpaca sock, premium, provides an optimal fit.

The anatomical Abolengo fit with the extra flat warp seam for a pressure-free toe gives you a comfortable fit and many wonderful hikes. The reinforced stress zone ensures optimum durability. Nevertheless, we keep pointing out that the excellent climate of the Abolengo socks is due to the high proportion of baby alpaca and the durability cannot be compared with a synthetic sock.

Our tips for proper care

Alpaca wool is a particularly fine fiber that requires special care, even if it is very robust, weatherproof, self-cleaning and dirt-repellent.

It is often enough to air out the alpaca stockings.

If the socks have to be washed, they can withstand a wool wash at 30 °.

When hand washing you should avoid rubbing against each other.

Never put your alpaca socks in the dryer. Do not hang your stockings on the clothesline; dry them flat.

Store your snuggly socks closed and make sure you take precautions against moths. Our alpaca soaps or pillows with cedar or lavender fillings keep moths away naturally.

We hope you enjoy it!


Abolengo alpaca socks are comfortable, breathable and ensure surefootedness. The stocking is an unjustifiably underestimated item of clothing because it has to fulfill essential functions: It has an immediate effect to avoid blisters on the feet. The feet, ankles and toes are protected from friction and injuries through an optimal fit, movement is optimally cushioned and moisture is quickly removed. Our socks are comfortable and wrinkle-free and the skin is cooled or warmed - depending on how you feel - for this reason we use a high proportion of alpaca. The ideal hiking sock also supports the wearing comfort of the hiking boots. We have reinforced our original alpaca socks on the heel, ball of the foot and toes, as these are the most stressed parts of the foot when hiking and walking.


The Abolengo alpaca cuddly sock is already a classic in a class of its own

The Abolengo alpaca cuddly socks are particularly high-quality, warm, soft alpaca wool socks for leisure. The absorbent, soft alpaca wool sock pampers your feet and keeps them warm and dry. The extra reinforced heel and toe guarantee a long alpaca sock life. The thermal properties of the alpaca snuggle socks are unique. We have added sheep's wool and polyacrylic to the Abolengo alpaca cuddly sock. The Abolengo alpaca cuddly sock is more robust, softer and more elastic. The Abolengo alpaca cuddly sock looks like it has been knitted by yourself. It is available in all sizes from 35 to 50. We have five different natural tones processed. Light gray and natural white are particularly popular. Farmers and hunters prefer anthracite.


Tips from Abolengo: Alpaca socks, a small miracle

There is no other item of clothing that is talked about as little as the sock. No other item of clothing is as stressed and strained as the sock.
Socks have to withstand extreme loads. Depending on the weight of the wearer, many kilograms, sometimes more than 100 kg, act on the socks for many hours. If they do not fit perfectly, permanent friction as well as heat and moisture cause total stress on the material. Which items of clothing would withstand such stress in the long term?

How do you actually recognize good alpaca socks?

The heel and toe are reinforced on all Abolengo alpaca socks. Both areas are particularly stressed because there the friction and pressure are particularly high. The quality of the chains at the top is an important point for us. If this is not sewn very carefully, it can cause pressure points on the toes. That is why we pay attention to the quality of the linking, i.e. the sewing of the front toe seam. We have the seams sewn very carefully, especially regularly, taking into account that no bulges are formed. A high-quality linking can make up to 1/5 of the manufacturing price. You should just turn socks inside out before buying them to see how they are processed. The heel should be incorporated separately during the knitting process. As a result, our alpaca socks promise a better fit and do not wear out too quickly.


The alpaca sock waistband

For us, the federal government is a very big and very serious issue. It is about medical necessity as well as personal preference. We believe we have found the optimal sock waistband with the alpaca sock. You can recognize the good quality by the balance between print and durability. Our soft edging combines both. He applies as little pressure as possible. Pressure points should be gone after a day of wear at the latest after 5 minutes. We make our cuffs a little wider than normal, so that the pressure can be distributed over a larger area. Annoying slipping is also prevented. Our alpaca socks are also ideal for the elderly and diabetics.


The composition: The alpha and omega of the alpaca sock

We worked for a long time on the perfect composition. The high proportion of alpaca ensures a cozy, cozy, always dry and pleasant feeling in the shoe. The low proportion of polyamide, also popularly nylon, ensures a longer sock life and makes the socks more durable. The elastane content ensures a perfect fit, the socks remain permanently dimensionally stable.

When wearing and washing the alpaca socks, lint naturally occurs. It's natural, it's a sign of quality. The higher the baby alpaca content, the more sensitive the product is. Due to the very good workmanship and the upgrading of the alpaca socks, we try to reduce the lint to a minimum.



Alpaca socks colored

For some time now, we have also been producing part of our alpaca socks collection in color. This means that the valuable baby alpaca fleece is gently colored. We decided to use the yarn dye because it gives the socks a much nicer color brilliance than a finished product that is dyed at the end. In its original state, the yarn has a much larger surface area to absorb the color.

You can find out more about the care of alpaca socks on our website.


The ABC of Little Socks: Which alpaca socks go with which shoe?


Alpaca socks 9.90 €

Our classic alpaca socks are very suitable as sofa or bed socks - a wonderfully soft, warm basic sock. You can also wear this sock very well in rubber boots and work shoes. Of course, instead of slippers. Then we recommend injecting a few drops of liquid latex under the soles and heels. You can get liquid latex in any craft and handicraft store. You probably know it from toddler stopper socks.


Your alpaca sock € 16.00

Your sock, this is an everyday, so-called business sock for every occasion and for every shoe. Due to the different colors that we offer, the alpaca sock is always and everywhere in use. Thanks to their synthetic content, they are also hard-wearing and yet extremely temperature-regulating. No matter whether you wear the sock to a hot meeting or go to dinner after hours of strolling through the city. Always a great climate, always the right sock.


Finest alpaca socks € 24.50

The premium sock is a hit - the very finest quality combined with a little spandex and polyamide. The wearing comfort is impressive. You can go hiking, horse riding, skiing or standing on the soccer field. Maybe you go fishing on the weekend, we have the right sock. Always warm feet. These alpaca socks, you can also call them functional socks, are now also available in a royal blue and a fashionable, strong orange. No trip without the premium sock, on the ship or in the plane on long distances, perfect. It fits in sports shoes, lace-up shoes, particularly well in boots and boots.


The pure luxury hand knitted sock € 49

Here, luxury for the feet is combined with a whole helping of chic. We have this wonderful product knitted by hand for you in Peru. These are social projects. The women earn their living with knitting, they only work under fair conditions. Some of the yarn that is used for the luxury socks is also spun by hand. These socks are wellness for the feet. The alpaca socks are double-knitted and two-tone. They can be worn from both sides. Due to the pure baby alpaca, these socks are of course not very hard-wearing. Cuddle up with you on the sofa, or wear the socks in bed or after the yoga class during the relaxation time. Whenever you long for comfort and security, reach for the luxury alpaca socks. A tip: it's a wonderful gift too.


Alpaca sports sock € 29

The Abolengo sports sock emerged from the premium sock. We have knitted the wonderful material twice on the hard-wearing areas, such as the tibia, ankle, heel, etc. An excellent sports sock for hiking, skiing, ice skating or playing football. Wear this fun sports sock whenever you want to be sure that you have a good climate in the shoe.


Alpaca insoles € 10

The insoles are a very special highlight from our collection. The ultimate in combination with our alpaca socks. A better climate in the shoe is not possible.

The felt insoles are our pride and joy. We have the leg and neck hair of our alpacas processed into huge felt rolls. Thanks to a small manufacture with an open-minded owner, we get the mats exactly in our desired thickness. We immediately have these mats cut into shoe soles in sizes 21 - 50. Afterwards, we simply pass the soles on to latex the underside three houses (we are very happy about the short way). It makes us so happy that we can have the somewhat coarser, uneven fleece from the legs and neck processed so wonderfully into such an excellent product. Until a few years ago we had no use for this quality. We only fill the first quality in our alpaca duvets and pillows. You can feel that too. The neck and leg wool piled up in huge bed bags. It is now also in short supply. Not just because of the soles. We also turn it into soap. But that's another topic.


A tip for the summer: when the socks are out of season.Simply put the felt insoles in your sneakers and wear the shoes barefoot. Wonderfully soft, dry and comfortable all day long.

You can never have enough alpaca socks. Especially when there is so much to choose from and the choice is not made easy. From the thin business sock "Your Alpaca Sock" to comfortable premium socks to hand-knitted baby alpaca luxury feel-good socks made from untreated baby alpaca yarn. So we show everything that connoisseurs like to wear in their comfort zone. And how can our alpaca socks be sustainable now? Very easily. The luxury feel-good sock is knitted by hand from untreated baby alpaca yarn, some with hand-spun yarn. The people who take part in the social projects are paid fairly. Schools and social institutions are supported. The knitters can feed themselves and their children independently. Most of the projects we work with take place in Lima and above Arequipa in the mountains. For us, fair trade and social responsibility are the least.
The great thing about our alpaca socks is - you don't visually notice that they are eco-friendly - on the contrary: Our socks, which look absolutely not eco-friendly, even score with their style factor. Before we report more about the quality and comfort of our socks, it's best to try the Abolengo alpaca sock.


When the temperatures drop again and the days get shorter again, autumn begins. What are your goals for the third season? Do you want to run or walk regularly in the great outdoors despite the weather, stress at work and everyday life? Do you want to spend a lot more precious free time in the forest with your dog, or do you finally want to go on the alpaca hike near Abolengo de Alpaka that your family has been wanting for so long? We, the Näsemann family from Abolengo de Alpaca, have set ourselves the goal of having a sock made for everyone, for every occasion and for every weather condition. We offer you a variety of proven, high-quality alpaca socks. We look forward to your visit to our farm shop on the Alpakahof in Münsterland, in our alpaca shop on Langeoog or here in the internet shop. If you have any questions about our products, please do not hesitate to contact us by phone. Simply call the Alpakakhof in Münsterland. We're here to help.

Alpaca socks for children
We now also manufacture our popular and valued alpaca socks in children's sizes. The demand for children's alpaca socks has risen sharply recently. We thought, why not make our popular Abolengo alpaca cuddly socks with a high percentage of alpaca in children's sizes too ?! We are pleased to now be able to offer the cozy Abolengo alpaca socks in two colors and in all sizes. The cuddly Abolengo alpaca socks can be worn just as well by your children in rubber boots or in slightly larger shoes as they are as house socks on the sofa. Comfortable and nice in bed, our Abolengo alpaca socks have been a hit for years. From young to old, from 5 to ...... 100 and more, everyone loves our alpaca socks. You can now order the great alpaca socks. Or book an event with us, take a look at Alapakevents and receive a pair of alpaca socks for free. Secure one of the popular spots now.
Now also in natural white with gray in sizes 31-46. Our finest alpaca socks for € 24.50 are also available in children's sizes 31-34.
For the little ones, of course, we still have alpaca socks from size 15 in different colors. Baby alpaca with a small portion of cotton makes the first-time socks a must for all babies who should feel good in their skin. The right climate on the foot is so important for wellbeing. A great birth present, the small alpaca socks for just 10 euros. Look under the heading babies and toddlers.

Attention rider girls, anglers, hunters and hikers: our Abolengo alpaca cuddly socks are now available in two colors. More stylish than ever. From size 31-50 sensational. One for all. Our Abolengo alpaca socks two-tone at a sensationally low price of 9.90 euros.

Autumn is coming quickly now, the cold, wet time is approaching faster than we think. Now you notice it, it gets cold in the evening and your feet are freezing first. Even on beautiful autumn days, you can still wear your favorite sneakers without socks. This is easy and practical with the Abolengo alpaca insole. 100 percent alpaca guarantees a comfortable climate in the shoe.

In winter, the Abolengo alpaca sole moves into winter boots, combined with our cuddly soft alpaca stockings, we guarantee warm, dry feet throughout the day. We offer different alpaca socks. Just have a look, you will find a wide variety of alpaca socks and alpaca stockings for every occasion in our shop. Start thinking now of the many occasions when you need a gift. Our alpaca socks in different thicknesses, countless sizes, a lot of natural colors and many different compositions, up to 100 percent baby alpaca, are suitable for every occasion and for every person.



Of course, we have alpaca stockings knitted for you in every design in every color or size in 100% baby alpaca. 12 days delivery time.

Not to forget our yoga alpaca socks in many different colors and patterns. You can also find these in our shop or drop by the farm shop. Wonderful patterns, with great colors and then such an excellent climate. Every yoga or Pilates class ends with wonderfully warm feet, thanks to the Abolengo alpaca ayoga socks made from 100 percent baby alpaca.

Handmade with Love - handmade alpaca socks

We have given such a simple accessory as the sock a special touch with the extraordinary processing and use of the finest alpaca natural fibers. The hand-knitted socks are made of 100% alpaca (baby alpaca quality) and finally bring warm feet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How do I wash alpaca socks?

Most of our alpaca socks can be easily washed at 30 ° C on the wool cycle.


How warm is alpaca wool?

Alpaca is not only nice and cozy, but also has the advantage that it is particularly well regulated. It is very good at keeping you warm in cold temperatures. If, on the other hand, it gets too warm, the excess heat escapes and the temperature is perfectly regulated.

How much does alpaca wool cost?

The price of alpaca wool is very dependent on the quality and condition of the wool. There are different degrees of fineness. They are not 100% fixed, they are roughly.

Royal Baby Alpaca: under 19.0 microns

Baby alpaca: 19-22 microns

Superfine: 22.0-25 microns

Fine: 25.0-28 microns and

Alpaca: 28-30 microns

Then the price also depends on whether the wool is washed or pinched, etc. Good raw fleece is sold in large quantities per kg in Europe, often for € 30-70.

Can you wash alpaca wool?

The same applies here as with the alpaca socks. Almost any untreated alpaca wool can be washed gently at 30 ° C in the wool wax cycle.

What is baby alpaca wool?

Baby alpaca: is fleece, which has a certain hair thickness - 19-22 microns. So nice and soft and cuddly.

Is alpaca wool scratchy?

The perception of scratchy is of course different from person to person. Most people find anything over 24-26 microns scratchy. So baby alpaca is not included. But there are also more sensitive people, here Royal Baby Alpaca is a very good alternative.


Let yourself be inspired and discover your new favorite pieces. If you would like advice, we will be happy to help you by phone or email.