What does a hematologist study

In addition to clinical traineeships during the semester break, there is also the option of completing the internal medicine section of the practical year on our wards. Numerous possibilities for a doctorate with experimental or clinical questions from the specialist area are offered to interested parties by the employees of the clinic's preclinical and clinical working groups. Many doctoral students use our doctorate opportunities to enter clinical training and further education to become internists or to specialize in the field of hematology and internal oncology.

In addition to events for medical students, events for students of dentistry and natural science subjects are also offered.

Further information on studying medicine at the Friedrich Schiller University Jena can be found here.


"Molecular Medicine" course

Our department became at the beginning of the master’s course Molecular medicine in autumn 2009 with the supervision and implementation of the module Molecular Oncology entrusted. In addition to participating in selected clinical lectures on important interdisciplinary topics in hematology and oncology, 15 special seminars and a three-week internship in various working groups of the oncological research laboratory are offered.


Practical year and internship

In each term in our clinic, medical students in their final year of training are introduced to the practice of clinical medicine. The rotations on wards B100, B110, A110 and A440 enable, in addition to an introduction to internal oncology, broad training in general internal medicine. It is important to us, through careful training, to enable our future doctors to take the first independent steps in the diagnosis and therapy management of our patients. Independent admission examinations, curve guidance, writing a doctor's letter, learning manual / invasive techniques, regular X-ray visits and teaching visits are integral parts of the training program.

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Trainees are very welcome. Please send an email to Ms. Svetlana Scherübl with details of your academic year and dates. For further processing, we need a copy of the pension certificate (valid until the end of the clinical traineeship) and a certificate of study.