What are the properties of truth

Truth & Knowledge

"The pursuit of truth and knowledge is one of the most beautiful things a person is capable of."

Albert Einstein, 1943


for the truthenough.

This alone standby... is a seldom found skill, which is courageous and a high one Mental maturity is a prerequisite.

If it is given, the knowledge follows effortlessly.

The "Pursuit of truth" we still have it in hand, we can even decide that. But the Understanding... eludes the possibilities of our will. It lies outside the radius in which we can "do" or "want" something.


The “laws of mechanics”, for example, form a small part of therealityfrom - but areNotthetruth.

In truth there is not even a “solid body”. And yet the mechanics of increasing wealth ... can be applied in practice.

This is...

twovarious Levels.

The paradox persists as long as we start from a single level of view of things.


Properties of truth

We use terms that actually require a more differentiated approach, otherwise they tend to promote diffusion rather than clarifying. The concept of truth is one of them. Here are the first differentiations:

"True"in the field of ...

  • Judiciary called"Facts".
  • Senses we name"really".
  • logic we name as"Conclusive".

  • forensic science is calledregarded as "proven".
  • mathematics means: The solution is"correct".

  • Engineering science means:"It works".
  • moral is considered"True", "honest", "authentic".

  • Experimental science becomes"Verifiable" or "comprehensible" called.


What is: truth?

truth = is immediate insight.

  • truth... is always present.

There is no truth from yesterday. The truth unfolds or shows itself anew in every moment. The truth of "yesterday's truth" is just ... a vague memory.

  • truth... is not democratic.
  • truth... has no consensus.

The truth cannot win a majority either. She doesn't even know that "Lowest common denominator", But on the contrary: Uncompromising is one of their trademarks.

truth is ...

  • no solution

  • no intersection

  • no arithmetic mean

  • no result of logical development

  • and also no synthesis of thesis and antithesis

  • not identical with conclusiveness, not with consistency

truth is ...

  • easy
  • amoral
  • unreasonable
  • immediately recognizable
  • can only be experienced individually

truth is not...

  • controllable
  • controllable
  • objectifiable


  • no evidence
  • no majority
  • no reputation
  • no certificate
  • no consent
  • no science
  • no logical conclusion


  • is not a science
  • does not require a degree
  • is nothing nameable
  • is nothing academic
  • is nothing special
  • cannot be studied
  • has nothing to do with logic
  • can not be thought
  • exists only in the present
  • is not recognized indirectly
  • is not a scientific method
  • eludes all scientific methods

But that doesn't mean at the same time that that Detect of truth cannot sometimes happen even in the midst of a thought process. But knowing has nothing to do with thinking itself ...

Incidentally, illiteracy offers no obstacle to the truth. So what does it take for the truth?


needs nothing more than

the unconditional