Heartburn can trigger a panic attack

Areas of application of traditional Chinese medicine

Which diseases can traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) help with?


It helps with many chronic ailments such as B. pain, indigestion, insomnia, psychological complaints, nervousness, fatigue and allergies, but also with acute problems such as lumbago and the like.

(The list is long and therefore the treatment option should be clarified in each individual case in a conversation with the therapist)

Due to its harmonizing, balancing nature, TCM can be particularly helpful in the case of functional, vegetative and chronic diseases, precisely wherever other approaches do not offer a satisfactory solution.


What is special about traditional Chinese medicine?


In contrast to the Western tradition, the theoretical foundations of TCM are based on a holistic view of the world:

The human organism is not seen mechanistically, but as an organic whole and a balance of energetic states, in constant movement, interaction and transformation, inextricably linked with the environment, nature and the cosmos.


This means that the concept of illness is also different.

Diseases are not viewed in isolation, but rather as symptoms of underlying energetic disturbances in this balance.


As a result, Chinese medicine, with its differentiated diagnostic and therapeutic approaches that take the whole person and his environment into account, can offer solutions to many health problems that are difficult or impossible to access to Western medicine.


In China, TCM is therefore an indispensable part of the health system.

Here in Europe, however, TCM does not yet have the acceptance it actually deserves. This is due to the fact that up to now there are no training standards comparable to those in China. While TCM is only a special qualification in this country that is acquired in part-time courses, in China it is part of the state health system and requires a minimum of 5 years of study.



In the meantime, however, it is also being used more and more in our West. Clinical and experimental studies, especially in the field of acupuncture, prove its effectiveness in many areas.