Who should play the next James Bond

Are there any criteria for choosing the James Bond?

Short answer: yes.

So far, the James Bonds we've seen are all pretty similar: white, British (see To edit ) and can fit the person of James Bond (physically fit and good looking).

Coming from the UK is likely an important consideration as the character and franchise are quintessentially British. It is therefore easier to embody the mannerisms of such a character, as well as the fact that the audience may not like a non-British person playing the character.

However, all of the James Bond actors before Daniel Craig have been brunette, and he's clearly blonde. Therefore, in terms of more specific features, it is unlikely to be such a problem. Some people claim that James Bond shouldn't have a different ethnicity, but as it is established in this day and age I don't think it should be a problem for the character.

Various characters playing James Bond, and an ongoing supporting role acting alongside these various actors without breaking an eyelid at their change in appearance, have now foregoed any semblance of continuity for the film character. Aside from being male, I can't see any additional restrictions on an actor playing the role.

Outside of the universe, playing James Bond is a huge obligation. The actor will likely sign up for multiple films if he takes on the role. Therefore, he has to be prepared to give a lot of time for many years, which limits his ability to act in other films. Conflicting commitments to other films could mean they are missing out on the opportunity.

As an added trifle, a person in charge of James Bond cannot appear in any other film wearing a tuxedo while in office as Bond. In turn, if this conflicts with other roles that the actor has already accepted, it is unlikely that they will be accepted for the role.

Edit : I apologize, I was wrong about the nationalities (Napoleon is responsible for pointing this out). I thought Pierce Brosnan was Northern Irish and from the UK, but he is from Ireland. However, he moved to England at a young age so this likely worked in his favor. And George Lazenby was Australian, but he only appeared in a single James Bond film before Sean Connery took the cloak again, proving that people prefer a British bond.

Napoleon Wilson ♦

"Anyone charged with James Bond cannot appear in any other film wearing a tuxedo during their tenure as Bond." - Wow, that's really weird. Do you have a source for this?

Mike. C. Ford

@NapoleonWilson I heard the fact in a radio interview Daniel Craig did for BBC Radio 1 Breakfast, but I cannot find a written source for the comment. It didn't specify how long this had been a contractual obligation, but he did mention that both he and his predecessor Pierce Brosnan had this limitation, so I would assume this would apply to the next person, James Bond plays.


@ Mike.C.Ford: I'm not going to be picky, but maybe you can add Barry Nelson who is American and who played Bond in an early TV movie / series (1954). But that was before the Bond franchise we know about today started, so I guess that fact isn't that important.

Napoleon Wilson ♦

@ kl78 It doesn't seem to matter that much as it is not the "official" EON produced line. For that matter, maybe the parody would be too Casino Royale from 1967 to be considered.