Should people care if you are offended

Hate comments - stay fair on the internet!

“You are ugly and fat! Take it off! ”- Such insults are very hurtful. You seldom say something like that to someone's face. To write that is easy for many. The inhibition is then less, because you usually sit somewhere alone in front of the screen and don't have to expect the offended person to fight back.

On social networks like Facebook you can share photos and videos, exchange ideas with others and write comments. Some people there do not pay attention to how one normally treats others. They insult without thinking or even call for hurting other people. Such comments are also called hate comments.

Why are they doing this?

Some people don't think about what they are writing. You are not aware of how the nasty remarks are received. Maybe they enjoy making fun of others. Some just want to share their opinion and don't care that it hurts to read mean things about yourself. In any case, one can say: No matter why people insult or threaten others, it is wrong. These people have no right to do so, whether on the Internet or in face-to-face meetings.

What can you do about these comments?

Social networks actually have to delete hate comments within 24 hours. Most of the time it takes a lot longer. You can also get such comments in chats or via other apps. It is best to just delete such comments if you can. It is important that you get help if you feel bad about it. You can also report unfair posts on the Internet and have them blocked by social network employees.

If the insults are repeated, you can also file a complaint. And that can be expensive for the bully. It is important that you do not take action until you are affected yourself. People who are bullied also need support on the Internet. So if you realize that someone is being insulted or threatened, you should act exactly as if you were affected yourself.

Prohibited: Hatespeech

Hatespeech is English and means hate speech. This word is used when people make racist or discriminatory statements. Hatespeech therefore means comments that are against the law. Comments directed against and inciting against a specific section of the population are punishable by law. Because all people are the same! It says so in our Basic Law. Racist statements or similar statements can cost a fine of up to 5,000 euros.