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This is our last night together, I have what organizes.
Esta es nuestra ultima noche, cupid.
Do I look like someone like that what organizes, huh?
Me veo como el que sabe ese tipo de cosas?

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It must also be part of the debate that we agree what organized Means crime.
There is something organized behind: well financed, well equipped.
In the north I have What Big one organized.
That would be the only thing What you organized would have.
If we had more time, we would What Better organized.
Si hubiéramos tenido más tiempo, habríamos hecho algo mejor.
That is so attentive What You here organized to have.
If we had more time, we would What Better organized.
But a rule of law always requires precise knowledge What the phenomenon of organized Crime and who it is against.
Sin embargo, un procedimiento ajustado a las normas de un Estado de derecho exige siempre como requisito previo una noción exacta de en qué consiste el fenomeno de la delincuencia organizada y contra quién se va a actuar.
At the moment, some Member States of the Union are better than others organized, What dialysis treatment and kidney transplants.
En la actualidad, algunos Estados miembros están mejor organizados que otros con respecto al treadamiento con diálisis y al trasplante renal.
Sure, Lemon doesn't appreciate What me here organized have.
Debería haber sabido que Lemon no apreciaría nada de lo que hey hecho.
In my opinion, such a pact must provide clear guidelines for What we against organized Crime as part of the pre-accession strategy.
En mi opinión, este pacto de cooperación debe dar instrucciones claras para que ataquemos a la delincuencia organizada dentro del marco de un pre-accession strategy.
Therefore you will be amazed by What i you organized have.
As a token of my gratitude, my brutal friend, I have you and the rascals What for the journey home organized.
Como muestra de mi gratitud, mi hombre valiente ... les conseguí algo para que llegues a casa.
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