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Barby Kelly dead after illness: Kelly family star dies at the age of 45

Barby Kelly died after a short illness at the age of 45. The Kelly Family announced this on Instagram today.

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Sad news of the Kelly Family today, Tuesday, April 20th, 2021: Barby Kelly is dead. The family wrote that up in a post Instagram communicated. Accordingly, the singer is aged 45 years died just days before her birthday.
A photo of Barby Kelly was shared on the Kelly Family official website, showing the singer performing in a previous year. The photo is with her natal as well as that Date of death 04/15/2021 Mistake.

Barby Kelly dies after a short illness

The family writes: “Our beloved sister is Barby after a short illness passed away a few days ago. We are deeply saddened and ask for your understanding that we are not currently commenting on this. We will miss Barby infinitely and always carry her in our hearts. Thank you for your sympathy and prayers. "
Not just a shock to the family. The fans are also shocked. Within a very short time, more than 1,800 expressions of condolences have already been collected under the post.

Barby Kelly disease: what did the singer have?

At which illness The family does not want to say that Barbara Ann Kelly, her full name, has passed away.
The guitarist had been with us for many years mental health problems to fight like you Brother Jimmy In a 2013 public letter, I would like to inform you that Barby has had a mental illness for many years that has prevented her from living alone, caring for herself, or taking responsibility for her own life. She has to be under constant supervision. ”Life in the limelight was not good for her, Sister Patricia once said in an interview with“ Bild am Sonntag ”.

Barby Kelly returned to Instagram

After hearing nothing from Barby Kelly for almost 20 years, the singer returned to the public at the end of November 2020 - at least to a certain extent. At the 26.11.2020 was a Instagram profile created for the 45 year old. The first post said about an old black and white photo: “From now on there is an official Instagram account for Barby Kelly. He is looked after by her brother Joey Kelly. ”After that, there was only one post with Christmas greetings.
According to "Bild", however, the creation of this account was only intended to counter the many fake accounts on the online service.