What is advanced digital marketing

What actually is digital marketing?

This Pixaal infographic is a few years old, but it hasn't lost any of its meaning. It's about digital marketing and brings readers to the starting point of the area. To where the question can be asked: What is digital marketing actually?

The website is also part of digital marketing - and is by no means a matter of course

Of course, such a graphic cannot be comprehensive. There are various areas that are not covered by this graphic. For example the development of landing pages or certain content strategies such as white papers or infographics.

Nevertheless, interested users should take a look at it. The website is seen as the most important factor in digital marketing. Anyone who wants to draw attention to themselves on the Internet should have their own website. That is not yet a matter of course: Many companies believe that they can still do without their own website (we reported).

The content on the site must be continuously updated. Areas such as SEO, SEM and social media play an important role in this. Search engine marketing plays a special role in this. With the help of keyword research, targeting can be improved, and many companies should not neglect the use of Google Ads. Of course, it is also very important to study the reports regularly in order to adapt the individual campaigns.

Tools like YSlow and Page Speed ​​analyze the performance of websites and show where there is still room for improvement.

All in all, this is an informative graphic that beginners in particular should read carefully. Have fun with it!

What is digital marketing?