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WYSIWYG reStructuredText editor

I want to use ReadTheDocs which uses Sphinx which in turn uses restructured text.

The reST editors I've found so far are similar to the 80's word processors where you edited the text so that tags (e.g., "bold on", "bold off", etc.) are in the desired location placed in the text. Then you can see the end result in a different frame. What I'm looking for is a post 90s wysiwyg editor like Word that lets you make the screen look the way you want it and the highlighted text is generated as you work.

Some of you find it most comfortable to work in text. I don't want to take this away from you; make reST editing as pleasant for me as it is for you.


For which operating system?

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Welcome to the software recommendations! Which functions are required (e.g. image support)? Should the generated text only be saved locally or does it have to be integrated into something else (e.g. a web service)? Any price limit? Please take a look at What does it take for a question to have "enough information"? Then edit your question and fill in the blanks. This increases your chances of getting good and suitable answers dramatically;)


I'm using Windows and Android, but an online version would work too, provided I can download the resulting text. As I said in the original post, I intend to use the text for documentation with Sphinx and ReadTheDocs so it needs to be transferable to my PC. The most efficient would of course be a Windows version that sorts the resulting text locally. Image support is desirable.


Oh, as for the price, the lower the price, the better. Free is best.

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I don't think there is such a thing. Mainly because the "market" is too small. It's much easier to make a two-window editor with the reST source on one side and the rendered preview on the other, and most programmers and writers seem to be happy with it. So there isn't much reason to build the editor you want. I think your best bet is to just use Word and end up using a standalone document converter like Pandoc.

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(You haven't yet described what platform this should be done on. I'm assuming you want a web app.)

The 'rsted' project implements a WYSIWYG text editor that generates reStructuredText.

It is implemented in the Flask web framework (Python, JavaScript). The source code is free software for all recipients.

You can try a demonstration page at http://rst.ninjs.org/.


Unfortunately the 'rsted' project is not a WYSIWYG editor. It's a simple text editor that suggests buttons to automatically add a highlighted structure for the first page and shows the result on the right. It's not that bad and even the best I could find, but far from the WYSIWYG editor.


It's been over two years since I asked this question, but now I've found something I wanted. It's called Typora. It's a WYSIWYG editor for Markdown (at least not reST yet).