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Mysterious: hidden symbols in company logos

Status: May 21, 2021 4:03 p.m.

Seen a thousand times and yet not noticed: There is more in many logos than we think. We'll tell you about the hidden signs.

Sometimes things are so obvious that you can't even see them. This also applies to brand logos: some companies go to great lengths to design and use optical illusions to incorporate hidden symbols into their emblems. Admittedly, these are not always easy to recognize.

Here comes your personal aha experience: 8 logos in the logo.

The hidden arrow

The parcel delivery company FedEx has a feature in the logo that is not immediately apparent: between the E and the X in the word "Ex" you can see a white arrow pointing to the right. This symbolizes - for example with various e-mail services - the forwarding of a message. In the case of FedEx, the forwarding of packages.


From A to Z

If you take a closer look, you will notice the curved yellow arrow under the writing of the Amazon logo. There is a reason why it starts with the letter A and points to the Z: The online shop wants to advertise the large selection.


The double one

The Formula 1 emblem looks very simple at first, but has a special feature: In the gap between the F and the striped 1, the number 1 can be seen again.


Head + earpiece = headphones

Simple and ingenious: if you take a closer look at the logo of this headphone brand, you not only see a black B in a red-filled circle, but also a faceless head with headphones on its ears in profile.


Animal logo

The logo of the Cologne Zoo also plays with optical illusions. The green elephant is likely to catch the eye of most people first. However, if you have a little imagination, you will see a star instead of the elephant's eyes and next to it a giraffe, a rhinoceros and Cologne Cathedral.


The "Bärg"

The Swiss chocolate manufacturer Toblerone advertises with the Matterhorn as its logo. There is also a special feature here: the white shading on the mountain represents a bear - the heraldic animal of the city of Bern, where the chocolate is made.


Colorful bouquet

The American TV broadcaster NBC is also showing creativity. If you pay particular attention to the white center of the colorful fan, you will recognize a peacock in the whole. The colorful bird has a total of six feathers that are supposed to represent the six program areas of the station.


As fast as the wind

The Tour de France logo has also been carefully designed: the last three letters in the word "Tour" represent a racing cyclist at work. The eye-catching yellow sun at the end of the word completes the racing bike.


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