What's your favorite Twitter client on Android

Twitter apps for Android: You should know these clients

With the micro-blogging service Twitter, you can send short messages, also known as tweets. But the app can only be personalized to a limited extent. If that's not enough for you: There are Twitter alternatives with which you can use the social network - according to your ideas.

Sometimes these clients offer much more than the conventional Twitter app: You can give the user interface your favorite color, customize the notification options and, thanks to meaningful statistics, find out which of your content was particularly well received on Twitter. An overview:

Talon for Twitter: Practical Twitter client

The paid app Talon for Twitter is one of these Twitter clients for Android: In the application, you can adjust colors and fonts so that you can give the social network a modern and chic look. The app also has several tabs (for direct messages or favorites, for example) that you can add or remove - depending on how it suits you. Talon supports Android Wear, so you can also use the software with your smartwatch. You can download the app for Android from the Google Play Store via this link.

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Tweetings for Twitter: Your Twitter statistics

If you prefer to deal with statistics or trends when it comes to Twitter, you should try Tweetings for Twitter: the paid app shows you exactly how many tweets you have sent in the last 24 hours and how they were received by the Twitter community. In this way you can quickly find out which of your topics have given you a particularly large number of followers or likes. There is also the option of finding the user interface that suits you from 33 themes. You can also find Tweetings for Twitter in the Google Play Store.

Flamingo: The newcomer among the Twitter apps

In contrast to some other clients, Flamingo is still something of a newcomer, but is enjoying growing popularity: the paid app, like Talon, is based on Google's material design language and scores with a stylish user interface that you can greatly customize. However, due to the many layout options, it takes a while to set everything up accordingly. But once you're done, you can choose anything from the color of the texts to the color of the retweet badges. You can find Flamingo here for a fee in the Google Play Store.


Plume for Twitter: The classic among clients

Anyone who has dealt with Twitter clients before will probably know Plume: The free app has been around for a long time and is the perfect alternative if you don't want to spend any money on a client. With Plume, too, you can customize the user interface and integrate multiple Twitter accounts at once. Even geotagging works in the app, so you can assign geographic coordinates to your tweets. A widget for the lock screen is included. You can download Plume for Twitter from this link. If the basic version is not enough for you: There is also a paid version of the app.

Personalize Twitter more: Clients make it possible

Are you getting on well with the Twitter app? Then of course you don't necessarily have to download a client to your smartphone. However, if you wish to personalize the microblogging service more, there are many apps that will accommodate you. However, you should know that not every client automatically has all the functions that you can find in conventional Twitter applications.

Do you use the traditional Twitter app or a client? Let us know your favorites in the comments.