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Everything that goes on a long journey should be packed WATERPROOF. Be it your own body with waterproof clothing or other equipment such as valuables, a change of clothes, mobile phone, camera, wallet, papers, you can pack waterproof in special luggage bins or pack sacks that are offered in the canoe shop or rental.

WATER HIKING is called sailing on calm waters. A water hike is often designed as a multi-day tour, then the canoe is loaded with all the equipment, including for camping. Sometimes water hiking is also called touring, but that doesn't change the fun.

COMPETITION An exciting branch of canoeing is competition on calm and wild waters. In canoe racing, the fight for first place is on tame water; in canoe slalom, athletes meander around goal poles on white water. Dragon boat, canoe polo, freestyle and white water racing are other competitive disciplines.

THROW BAG is an important part of the safety equipment for rescuing swimming comrades. A buoyant rope is loosely inserted in a signal-colored sack. The loose end is held tight, the sack is thrown to the swimmer. Then you can easily pull him to the safe shore. You should practice handling the throwbag again and again under competent guidance. Many throw bags earn a few euros on the side as a clothesline.

WEHRE are artificial barriers that regulate the runoff of water on flowing waters. Water for power plants or mills is often dammed up at a weir in order to be released in a controlled manner. Weirs are often X as if impassable, and then have to be moved. Some weirs are difficult to see from the water. Those who dealt with it during the planning are well prepared.

WHITE WATER is the name of rivers that plunge from mountain to valley and curve around numerous rocks. Whitewater is divided into six levels, from I (easy) to VI (actually impassable). Whitewater requires good driving technique, experience and some physical fitness.