What is Deku Nut

Deku nut

The Deku nut is an item from Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask.

Deku nuts are often hidden under grass bushes or stones, but now and then they are left behind by defeated opponents. When thrown, they explode with a harsh lightning bolt that momentarily freezes many adversaries. They are especially useful when facing a variety of enemies. Deku dealers and Deku guys also shoot Deku nuts. You can reflect them with the shield and defeat the enemy with your own weapons. However, the nuts shot do not generate a flash of light.

In Majora's Mask Deku-Link can drop the Deku nuts in flight and thus attack monsters on the ground.

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[To edit]

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl the Deku nut is also an object that can be picked up and thrown. It is activated when it touches the ground or an enemy or is attacked. If it is thrown, the thrower is spared the stun - but if it is hit, all players in the area, including whoever hit it, are stunned. It can also go in hand.
If a fighter is close to you on impact, he will be briefly dazed, which is why you can simply attack him with a strong attack that requires good precision or a long time.


  • If you are in Majora's Mask If you are looking for a lot of Deku nuts you should teleport to Ikana. There is a cave behind the waterfall, in the first room of which there are two tufts of grass that each lose 10 Deku nuts.
  • The Deku Nut is very useful for small or fast opponents, as lightning paralyzes them and makes them easier to hit. It should also be used on enemies who have a shield or who are repelling attacks, as the ability is usually destroyed.

Gallery [edit]

  • Link receives the "Deku nut" (Ocarina of Time)

  • Link use a Deku Nut to blind a Dekuranha (Ocarina of Time)

language Surname importance
German Deku nut

Deku nut (Nintendo 64 version with old spelling)

Japanese デ ク の 実 (Deku no mi) Deku fruit / nut
(In Japanese, nuts are commonly used the same word as other fruits.)
English Deku Nut Deku nut