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The most important Merch by Amazon alternatives

Own online shop with Shopify and POD connection

For many newcomers to the shirt business, having their own online shop makes little sense at first. And rightly so - platforms such as Merch by Amazon, Spreadshirt & Co. already offer a complete solution on which you actually only have to upload your designs and wait for sales. There is enough coverage on the major portals, but there is also competition. In addition, individual platforms also bring with them a certain degree of dependency and restrictions - and here we are interested in our own online shop.

Print on demand offers endless possibilities and is probably the e-commerce concept of the future. And because POD is not only more sustainable and conserves resources, but also opens up huge opportunities for entrepreneurs, there are more and more providers and interfaces with which you can build a POD business.

With a shop platform such as Shopify and Print on Demand, you can set up your own online shop with a manageable amount of effort, through which you can sell t-shirts, hoodies and other items using Print on Demand.

The so-called Shopify dropshipping works via a simple POD connection to the shop. As soon as an order is placed through your shop, it is transferred to the POD service. This then prints your T-shirts, mugs, etc. and sends them directly to your customers - similar to how it works via Merch by Amazon, only with the difference that here the platform (i.e. the shop) belongs to you. The range of POD articles is also growing steadily. If you cannot get the product you want from one provider, you can theoretically use several different ones.


Shopify Print on Demand recommendations

If you want to start with POD and your own shop, we recommend the following Print on Demand services: