What are examples of the cheapest meals

Cooking cheaply - the best tips & recipes

Cooking cheaply but still tasty - who doesn't know this challenge? No matter if you are a student, housewife or pensioner: Everyone can save money with little tricks.

Often they are simplest disheseven the most delicious - We already knew that as children. Who would have preferred caviar to potato pancakes back then? Fresh ingredients and a flair for the right combination are more important than the cost of a meal.

Certainly you should treat yourself to something, but not every day - otherwise it wouldn't be anything special! You can find them in our recipe gallery inexpensive dishes, for which your household budget will certainly still be enough at the end of the month.

After the gallery, you can expect 10 practical tips on saving money in everyday cooking.

Cooking cheaply Tip 1: Plan the week

Cooking cheaply starts with well thought-out planning: Think a few days in advance what you want to cook on the following days and then go shopping accordingly. So you can Coordinate courts and make optimal use of leftovers, buy bulk packs and check out special offers. Do you need ideas for this? Then take a look at the chef's weekly schedule.

Cooking cheaply Tip 2: Buy in advance

Take a look in your pantry and you will see how much food durable are. This ranges from pasta, couscous, rice or lentils to tomato paste and oil to wiener sausages, tuna, chickpeas, Mie noodles or pickles.

You can safely do all of these foods buy in bulkwhen they are on sale and always have them in stock. This has two advantages: you save money and you always have long-lasting basic ingredients to combine great dishes from them and leftover, quickly perishable ingredients.

A great example is this paprika rice pan from the video tutorial. You only need fresh yoghurt and paprika, you can grab all the other ingredients from the pantry:

Of: Anna Walz, Length: 1 minute 22 seconds