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Samplitude SE 8, 9 and 10 install problem


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Hello fellow musicians.
Having a problem after buying a new PC with Windows 10.

I have 3 versions of Samplitude that were included with magazines and that had worked before. That was Samplitude 8 SE, 9 SE and 10 SE.
I know these are old versions, but I only need the program to convert samples for my old sampler, which only supports 16 bit and 44 kHz sampling rates.
Therefore, a switch to a current Samplitude X 3 version would really have been shot at with cannons. And it would cost me more money than mine at the normal price
entire PC that I assembled myself, and thus rel. was bought cheaply.

I have the programs here with the CDs or DVDs and the original serial numbers. All of them have already been installed, but now nothing works because no code is recognized during online activation, or there is always only one message "Unexpected data received."

- There is then a button below to request an activation code, but that no longer works.

I have now logged into my Magix account in the service center and also see 2 programs, but can no longer generate a new code under the "Reactivate" button. The serial numbers are only recognized as "Invalid Serial Numbers".

Unfortunately, I can't find a support email address on the Magix website, and I don't want to call the hotline here for 1.24 EUR / minute if they can't help me because the support has expired or something else . So far I have not found any information about this on the Internet.

PPV-Medienverlag is currently still selling issues of the "Keys" magazine from Anno-Dunnemals on Ebay, where Samplitude 9 SE and 10 SE are on it - for the new price at the time.
- Would I still have a chance to reinstall one of the programs with such an issue?

I know there was a limit of 3 activations per program, but so far I have only exchanged my hard drives several times and now the entire PC, and I will not use it on several PCs at the same time. If there were 2 installations, then only alternately on an office PC and my studio PC. I had already bought a new magazine once because my first Samplitude 8 SE version could no longer be activated.

Anyone who has any hints here, or who can give me a useful, inexpensive up-to-date program that also batch-processes WAV files rel. comfortably supported, can comment here.
Batch processing means batch processing, i.e. automatic conversion of all files into
a folder on the hard disk, for example, from 24-bit to 16-bit format. You just specify the folder and the target format, and then the PC with the editor will convert all files into the desired format.

Soundforge was always very good at that, but is now also owned by Magix.
At Samplitude, batch processing always bothered me enormously that additional project data was always written into the directories, which I then always have to use again
had to delete manually. I had never found a way to turn this automatic off.

Yesterday I found 2 programs, Goldwave and Wave Pad. But neither of them make a very professional impression on the first test.
17 years ago I already had Goldwave as an accessory pack with a sound card, and that wasn't bad, only I didn't even know that the program was still available.
But it looks too colorful and overloaded to me.

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