How much is peace of mind worth

A simple ritual for peace of mind

What is the last thing you do in the evening before you go to sleep?
Do you have a ritual for your peace of mind that you end your working day with?

I would like to introduce you to a powerful tool that I use in the self-love seminar. So you can end your day well, be satisfied and get a good night's sleep. I do this exercise almost every day, right after I close my laptop or otherwise finish the work day.

Many people I know have their minds programmed in such a way that during the day it looks primarily critically at what they do, what others do or say, what their actions bring about results and what others are doing.

It's never enough, could have been better, faster or more effective. They reproach themselves for not being friendly enough, not getting the most out of them, not having lived their full potential. Even in bed, the mind searches like an automated search engine for what went suboptimally today and hangs the images of these events in front of their noses as a warning. This process is not very suitable for finding peace of mind. πŸ˜‰ How do I sleep there and what thoughts do I wake up with the next morning?

A simple ritual for your peace of mind

I've got used to a day's review that enables me to see what went well that day, where friendships happened, I was good to myself or to others. These things have always existed. But maybe I didn't notice them.
My critical mind did not notice it or classed it as "not important". How I feel at the end of a day (a week, a month, or a life) depends on what I'm ready to notice. Do I also value beautiful things? Do I give them space so that I can feel and appreciate them?

This is the day's review that I usually treat myself to in the evening:Download daily review

I find real examples that these things have existed. These can be little things that maybe got lost in everyday life. I take my time to look back at my day again. I let this incident reappear in front of my inner eye as a picture or film and consciously perceive that there was a friendly gesture, an appreciation or a hint of love. I allow myself to feel that.

You can create your own daily review.
What are the thoughts that still occupy you at the end of the day?
For example:

  • I am not good enough
  • nobody loves Me
  • I do not have enough money
  • I should have done more
  • my colleagues don't appreciate my work
  • my love life is insufficient
  • my parents don't take me for who i am

What are your stressful thoughts?
Write down a few of them and find the opposite. For example:

I am not fast enough
I'm quick enough

Nobody loves Me
Someone loves me

I do not have enough money
I have enough money

Then find three honest, concrete examples of where that opposite was true today.

I'm quick enough
- Today I submitted an article at the last minute - (but still fast enough). I didn't have to be reminded
- Today I did everything that was really important. I deleted two things and postponed one
- in the evening there was even time to cuddle with my daughter

Someone loves me
- my daughter loves me and she showed me that this evening during our time together. Sometimes she also writes me little notes on which she sends me sweet messages
- I just love myself because I treat myself to this review
- This afternoon I had a loving correspondence with a friend who is in the hospital.
We are very fond of each other and at the moment of our exchange I felt that he loves me

I have enough money
- I didn't have a bill in my mailbox that I have something to pay for
- I bought my favorite magazine
- I could borrow a book from the library instead of buying it
- I cooked a delicious dinner for us
- I didn't have to earn money with an additional job at night

At the end of the day I see, feel, and perceive that I had enough money to enjoy the day, to share joy or to acquire knowledge. The friendly is given space. So I can find peace of mind and end the day well.

Whatever it is, what burdens you, what you fear or find wrong - turn it into the opposite and find examples of it. This is often surprising, it calms and has a balancing effect on body and mind. Sometimes it takes a minute or two to come up with an example. It is the same with me and many others and is no reason to believe a new stressful thought πŸ˜‰

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