Hellboy can die

"Hellboy: Call Of Darkness": That's what the post-credit scenes mean

Warning, spoilers for "Hellboy - Call Of Darkness" will follow!

Since the two adaptations by Oscar winner Guillermo del Toro fell short of expectations financially, Studio Lionsgate is now attempting a complete reboot of the "Hellboy" series with "Hellboy - Call Of Darkness". The new version by Neil Marshall is not only supposed to be brutal and dark and to be closer to the model of comic artist and author Mike Mignola, but also to be the starting point for a new "Hellboy" film franchise.

Therefore, the basis for a sequel is laid in the first part and a potential conflict for the sequel is teased. Marvel has already perfected the model with the ever-popular post and mid-credit scenes and Lionsgate saw no reason to deviate from this formula. So at the end of "Hellboy - Call of Darkness" the audience gets two such end credits: The first scene is primarily intended to amuse the audience, the second to bring an opponent into play for part two or to initiate the action of a sequel. In addition, “Hellboy” even has an epilogue scene before the credits that announces the return of a fan favorite.

As early as December last year, it became known that Hellboy's loyal friend and collaborator, Abe Sapien (played by Doug Jones in del Toro's films) will only have a mini-appearance in the reboot in which he claps his fluid hand on the inside of a glass cylinder. This scene is actually the last in the film. Hellboy (David Harbor), Alice (Sasha Lane) and Ben Daimo (Daniel Dae Kim) dig out a cultist laboratory and come across the tank with the label on it Ichtyo Sapien. This means that the Fischmann will appear in a possible sequel.

The first credits scene: Who is the lobster?

In the so-called mid-credits sequence, Hellboy gets drunk at the grave of his foster father (Ian McShane) until the ghost of Lobster Johnson (Thomas Haden Church) appears to him, who appeals to his reason and straightened his worldview. Lobster Johnson aka "The Lobster", a superhero from the 30s who appeared in an earlier scene in the film and was instrumental in ensuring that Hellboy did not fall into the hands of the Nazis, is a popular character from the comics . In its continuity, it has already been forgotten in the present and is widely regarded as a wives' tale devised by a pulp novelist.

Hellboy, however, is a big fan and firmly convinced of its existence. He believes the novel series is just a ruse by the government to make sure the real Lobster's identity and exploits remain a secret. This assumption comes true in the course of the comic series. Lobster Johnson, or rather his ghost, fights side by side with Hellboy in some volumes and appears in other iterations of the franchise. For example in the "Hellboy" cartoon "Blood And Iron". Since the spirit of lobster has been placed so prominently in the mid-credit scene, an appearance in a “Hellboy 2” does not seem unlikely.

The second credits scene: Who is Baba Yaga talking to?

In the second scene we see Baba Yaga talking to a person outside the picture and instructing them to kill Hellboy and bring his eye to her. The latter had promised her earlier in the film in exchange for information. As a reward for eliminating Hellboy, Baba Yaga promises the assassin mortality.

The hit man can only be Koshchei the Deathless from the comic storyline of the same name. He is a warrior who cannot be killed or die, which goes against the grain of him. In exchange for his soul, which he needs to finally be able to rest, Koshchei does whatever Baba Yaga orders him to do. He is a tragic figure and is based on the Russian legend of the same name.

Since Koshchei is perhaps a bit too abstract for non-comic readers, it could well be that his character and that of Grigori Rasputin, who was briefly introduced in “Call Of Darkness”, will be merged for future “Hellboy” films. Rasputin is not only a well-known historical figure, but also one of the most important and above all the first adversary that Hellboy encounters in the comics. He is also the adversary in Guillermo del Toro's first "Hellboy" film. His fame could give him the lead over Koshchei for a sequel.

Whether this sequel will actually exist is still in the stars. "Hellboy - Call Of Darkness" has been in German cinemas since April 11, 2019.