What are the best brands of car subwoofers

Car subwoofer test 2021

Housing typefeaturesClosed housing (G)Closed enclosures require a lot of power because the air has to be compressed within the enclosure with each bass. The precision of these models is worse than that of other housing types. On the other hand, closed housings produce a good sound and have an almost linear frequency response. Closed housings are recommended for pieces of music with little vocals and a lot of bass, such as techno, house, pop or rock.Bass reflex enclosure (BR)This type of housing is a mix of closed housing and bandpass. Bass reflex housings have a small opening in which the bass reflex tube is located. This allows sufficient air to flow into and out of the housing and the precision is good even with less power. In contrast to the closed case, these models take up a lot of space and are a bit more expensive.
We recommend bass reflex housings for fast music with a bass that is not too strong, such as soul, black, hip hop or R’n’B.Bandpass housing (BP)Bandpass enclosures are the only ones with the membrane in the enclosure and, like the bass reflex enclosures, are equipped with a bass reflex tube. The bass in this type of housing is extremely strong, provided it plays in a small frequency range. The bandpass can play all types of music cleanly.