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The cheapest small cars in the ADAC car cost check

The same applies to small cars such as Citroën C1, Renault Twingo or Fiat Panda: If you only pay attention to price and consumption when buying a car, you will forget many other cost drivers. Here are the really cheapest microcars.

The ADAC regularly calculates the costs of a wide variety of cars. This information is an important aid for prospective buyers when deciding for or against a model. Because not only thatPurchase price, but also theDepreciation and the expenses for thefuel burden the wallet. Engine oil changes and car washes also have an impact. Added to this are insurance and Workshop- asTire costs.

With these average calculations, the club's experts assume that the new car will be driven for five years and cover 75,000 kilometers during this time. This corresponds to an annual mileage of 15,000 kilometers.

The winner in the small car car cost comparison is the Smart Fortwo EQ. At first glance it is expensive, but the current one Electric car subsidies reduce the purchase price by 9,000 euros and heaves the little electric car into first place. Noticeable: Because of the increased purchase premium for electric cars, more and more Stromer make it into the top 10. The Renault Twingo Electric, for example, and the new, electric Fiat 500.

The values ​​are updated twice a year. Changes may occur in the meantime. With electric cars State funding of up to 9,000 euros is included in the calculation, whereas the respective list price was used as a basis for combustion engines. With an individually negotiated discount with burners, they can do better.

This is how the cost of the car was calculated

That was in the top tencheapest model of the respective series recorded. For some models, the workshop costs are based on empirical values.

The calculation is always based on the WLTP cycle. For models with theFootnote 1 At the time this list was drawn up, no WLTP values ​​were available, so the calculation was based on the NEDC cycle. For models with theFootnote 2 the pollutant emissions in CO₂ according to the WLTP cycle are given, but not the consumption. The costs for consumption and taxes are therefore usually higher than stated here.

In the cost comparison, the following were taken into account: loss of value without interest, expenses for oil changes, inspections as well as wear parts and costs for tire replacement. Fuel and oil refill costs (manufacturer information) as well as the current fuel prices. Liability and fully comprehensive insurance with 50 percent (standard ADAC car insurance rate without additional discounts), current vehicle tax (at the time of the update).

ADAC car costs: These are the calculation bases in detail
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