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6 wonderful things that happen to you when you love yourself

When we have relationships, whether friendly, partnership or family, we usually cultivate this relationship carefully. Especially when people are particularly important to us. And how about your relationship with yourself? Do you care about yourself and maintain your own relationship with yourself? Self-love or self-acceptance means understanding yourself and treating yourself as well as you do with others. Loving yourself is an important part of your health and not only affects your psyche, but can even have positive influences on your body. For this very reason, we have listed 6 wonderful things that will happen to you when you manage to accept and love yourself.

1. You no longer judge yourself so strictly

Loving yourself will help you reduce your judgments and prejudices. Especially to yourself. You can admit mistakes and weaknesses because you can love yourself independently of them. Maybe you know that you have to achieve something or behave in a certain way in order to feel loved or recognized. However, when you begin to love yourself (like Emma), you dissolve these conditions. Your love for yourself is not linked to how good or bad you do something, but it is there either way.

This means that you can admit your weaknesses and mistakes. And that's important! You can also deal with the fear of being disliked, or being an outsider, or whatever. And don't have to try desperately to fulfill something to avoid this fear.

2. You learn to deal with your body better

A loving relationship with yourself includes your body. That means that you also meet this one benevolently and lovingly. You can accept it for who it is and try not to change it in order to feel valuable or loved. If you already love yourself and know your worth, then you can approach your body in a completely different way.

You are not forced to push him to his limit by dieting or exercising, and thus to regard him as your servant. But you don't care that much that you neglect him, eat unhealthy food, sleep little, or drink or smoke too much alcohol. You will be treated appropriately so that exercise or a healthy diet, for example, is fun and it doesn't feel like a duty because you like to do it for yourself.

If you love yourself, you can break away from certain rules or advice and find your measure of nutrition and exercise.

3. You are better able to deal with setbacks

When you stop judging yourself that harshly, it means that you are yourself. If you have failures, conflicts and negative events in your life, do not add an extra layer to it and put yourself down. You can stand by and support yourself and do not make yourself even worse.

Think back to an event where you didn't get the grade or job you wanted. Is that why you made yourself down? You told yourself again how bad you actually are? If so, it won't really help you if you experience this again. It is easier to learn from mistakes and recover from setbacks when you are understanding and empowering with yourself.

You learn to accept your mistakes and so you can deal with the situation in a more relaxed manner the next time. Above all, because you no longer have to fear that you will put yourself down or criticize yourself for it. If you know that you can support yourself, then it doesn't really matter what happens. You know you can handle it. The same goes for all types of rejections, not just for work or school, but friends and family as well.

4. You become more independent from the love of others and so improve your relationships

I thought it was about me What does that have to do with the others? Let's explain. So not only will your relationship with yourself improve, but also your relationship with those around you. Since you can recognize your own worth yourself, you will also realize that your worth does not depend on other people or your performance. You don't have to bend over to get the love and approval of others because you can give that to yourself. This makes you more independent and you can show yourself more freely and authentically. If you dare to show yourself more and to reveal your feelings and needs, then those around you can react to them. And that can simplify and relax relationships.

Furthermore, loving yourself leads to an increase in your social connection. Also makes sense, as you learn to be compassionate towards yourself, you will also be more empathetic towards other people. That in turn strengthens relationships. Not only love relationships are meant here, but relationships in general. But also in a partnership, self-love can help you, as you can show yourself to be more authentic and vulnerable and this in turn leads to a more intimate relationship.

But how do you start? It is best to start (with a click here) with our free guide “3 steps to accept and love yourself” and thus increase your self-love and acceptance.

5. You spend time doing things that are good for you

Loving yourself also leads to the fact that you are actively committed to yourself. And that towards others and the everyday demands. In this way, you may actively plan time to do something good for yourself. During this time, you are allowed to just be, for example during calming activities like meditation or a walk. Reading a book, taking a bath or journaling. Some time for yourself doing great activities that you appreciate.

If you want to do something good for yourself, you can either do more things that you enjoy or you can also do fewer things that are not good for you. If you love yourself more, you will also know what is important to you and what makes you happy.

6. You get happier and feel better.

Part of self-love is that you have an understanding and a feeling for yourself so that you know your needs and are worthy of taking care of them. This almost automatically leads to a higher level of satisfaction and serenity, even if this is of course not a permanent condition. The helpful thing is that you know yourself and what you need and what you can do to make yourself happy and satisfied again. This feeling of self-efficacy, i.e. a "I can change something" feeling, also increases your satisfaction, because YOU can do something for YOU, regardless of certain things.

If you manage to love yourself, this also increases your general well-being because you reduce your self-doubt and more negative thoughts. So it can change your entire perspective and make you more joyful. And who doesn't want to walk happily through the world?

So be nicer to yourself. You deserve it.

A start into a better relationship and long-term acceptance of yourself

That sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Now you've seen some positive effects of self-love, but what's next?

To help you on your way to a better relationship with yourself, we have a free guide "3 steps to accept and love yourself" for you. If you really want to change something in the long term and strengthen your self-love. Then you can have our free guide sent to you (with one click here). In this you will learn a new method that will help you in the long term and without pressure to yourself to strengthen your relationship with yourself and thus your satisfaction with yourself.