Is smoking one cigar a year harmful?

Cigars and Health - Worth Knowing

Many people who enjoy smoking a cigar find that it isn't too damaging to their health. Unfortunately, this is a mistake because smoking cigars is no healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Smoking is bad for your health - you can read that on every pack of cigarettes and every cigar box. Even so, many cigar smokers still believe that a cigar cannot cause disease as quickly as a cigarette. Cancer and other diseases can occur in both, the only difference is that cigar smokers are more at risk for other cancers. Where does the mistaken opinion come from that a cigar is not as bad for your health as a cigarette?

The reason lies mainly in the way you smoke. Cigar smokers puff, but cigarette smokers inhale the smoke into their lungs. And although the smoke from a cigar "only" stays in the oral cavity, this can also be very harmful to health. While cigarette smokers often develop lung cancer, the oral cavity, larynx and throat are affected in cigar smokers. Through the saliva and the oral mucosa, the harmful substances are also transported into the stomach, intestines and pancreas and, in the worst case, can cause tumors there. >>

Smokers who smoke more than five cigars a day put their health at risk, as do those who smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.

Not only is it a misconception that smoking a cigar is less harmful to health than smoking a cigarette, it is also not true that cigar smoke is not as addictive as it is. Every cigar and every cigarette contains, among other substances, above all nicotine, and this substance is addictive when consumed in excess, regardless of whether cigars are just puffed or cigarettes are smoked on the lungs. The nicotine content of a cigar is 100 to 200 milligrams of nicotine, a cigarette an average of only 8.4 milligrams. Since the cigarette smoker does not puff the smoke, but inhales it, he becomes addicted more quickly.

Cigar smokers are less prone to addiction

But cigar smokers are also at great risk of addiction. Even so, cigar smokers are not as addictive as cigarette smokers, and there are simple reasons for that. Cigarettes can be obtained quickly and do not cost very much compared to a good cigar. A cigarette is smoked quickly, but cigars take a while to smoke. When enjoying cigars, remember not to overdo it, but rather to enjoy it every now and then.

Tobacco smoke is not only a risk for active smokers, the health of so-called passive smokers is also at risk. A burning cigar forces all non-smokers in the room to absorb the substances in the air. According to media reports and studies, cigars are said to release significantly more polycyclic hydrocarbons, fine dust particles and carbon monoxide than a cigarette. Even if a good cigar has a pleasant aroma that does not bother anyone with its odor, its smoke can still be harmful to other people. It is therefore always better to refrain from cigars and cigarettes, especially when there are children in the room. >>

With cigars it is just like with many other things: If you are a friend of them, then simply enjoy the precious tobacco in moderation and do not overdo it. An occasional smoking pleasure lets you recognize and enjoy the full aroma of a good Cuban much more. And finally, luxury items are also characterized precisely by the fact that they are not commonplace and countless.