What do you have to learn today

What do you have to learn today for your future?

Dr. Pero Mićić

With everything changing so quickly, what should you and your children and grandchildren learn and study today in order to be prepared for the future?

What do you have to learn today for your future? Obviously, the following skills are universally useful:

1. Logic

Learn and train logical and strategic thinking. It always frightens me how illogical and even stupid even the highest decision-makers in business and politics think. I don't even want to talk about the discussions on social media. Learn and practice logical and strategic thinking, the easiest way with apps and games, and just practice it in real daily life.

2. Routine use of software and artificial intelligence

Learn to use software and, above all, artificial intelligence routinely, regardless of the profession. Coding in detail is not absolutely necessary, because in the future you only need to specify the logic, the computer will write the code itself. See the developments on low code and no code.

3. Understanding of finances and investments

You should understand finances and investments well enough that you can build a cushion for yourself in the event of an emergency and old age and not have to rely on the state or others. It is disastrous how little school and university students are trained in finance. There are only a few principles to be observed. Above all, the principle that it is not saving that creates a fortune, but investing. And that was the case even before the era of low interest rates.

4. Entrepreneurship

Businesses are the generators of wealth and quality of life. And all taxes, because without a company there are no jobs and no private income and taxes. So no state, no authorities, no public services and no social system. We need as many strong, successful companies as possible. Make sure to found one, at least as a part-time job.

5. Technology

Learn and study a technical-scientific field. It doesn't really matter which one it is. It is crucial that you have been fascinated by it for a long time and that it is mentioned in several lists of future technologies.

6. English

As a German speaker, learn English as perfectly as possible! Do not learn other languages ​​for professional reasons. Is unnecessary, the interpreter software will do that in the future.

7. Excellence as a person

The key qualification for the future, however, is: Learn to become and be an excellent person. When machines can always do more and better than humans can, excellence as humans is the key. What does that mean?

a) Ability to change

Learn to love change and innovation. The best and easiest way to do this is for you to change yourself and the world around you more and more for the better. Because we love our own ideas for change. We only hate other people's ideas because they force us to change instead of wanting them ourselves.

b) Self-management

The ability to lead and control oneself. Good resolutions and goals are easy to set up, but almost all of them fail when they are implemented. Learn how to conserve, strengthen and expand your implementation skills.

c) empathy

The ability to recognize and understand each other's motives and emotions. This is how you can build good and stable relationships.

d) communication

To recognize the almost always positive intention and the good reasons in the actions of the other and to act accordingly.

e) ethics

To act in such a way that you at least do not harm the world and the lives of others, but ideally make it better. Exactly, the categorical imperative.

What do you think about it? Do you have questions?



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