How is cardamom powder made

Cardamom / cardamom spice

Latin name of cardamom: Elettaria cardamomum, also called cardamom.

A precious spice - what is cardamom?

In the whole world it is one of the most precious spices, that much is certain. This makes it possible to conjure up a very exotic aroma in the kitchen.

The ginger plant is particularly popular in India, where it is used in a tea or in a curry.

But the Arabs also appreciate the aromatic plant and use it in coffee. The sweet and hot spice is mainly used by us during the Christmas season.

Where does cardamom come from?

Basically, the spice comes from Guatemala, Sri Lanka and from India, there it is grown on a large scale. As already mentioned, cardamom is one of the ginger plants and one of the perennial plants. It is not for nothing that the plant is called the queen of spices.

The harvest is very laborious, as is the further processing. The seed is particularly valuable, it is found in the green fruit capsules of the plant. Shortly before these are ripe, they are harvested by hand, followed by drying. The process for processing is very complex, which is why this spice is one of the most expensive in the world, along with the spices vanilla and saffron.

Cardamom countries of origin

  • Guatemala
  • Madagascar
  • Tanzania
  • Southeast Asian countries

Where can I buy cardamom?

If you want to use the spice in the kitchen, you can choose from three variants in the shop:

Incidentally, if the powder is dark in color, it contains so-called shell components. This is because the spice was ground “in the bowl”. The color is only light if it was ground without any added peel.

The spice can either be bought as seeds, ground or as capsules in stores all year round. If the capsules are still intact, they are of particularly high quality. These contain valuable seeds. If the capsule has already been opened, the aroma disappears relatively quickly.

What is cardamom used for?

The spice is almost exclusively available in the green version, the black version is very difficult to obtain. Both varieties are different in aroma. Anyone who appreciates the sweet kitchen likes to use the green variant.

This variant goes well with numerous cakes or chocolate in many different designs.

In Sweden will be happy to do that sweet luggage seasoned, even with the popular ones cinnamon rolls or in Yeast bread cardamom is often used.

The black variant tastes bitter and can be too hearty dishsuch as B. to lamb, deliver a delicious aftertaste with a certain sharpness.

In Spice mixes, which are particularly widespread in India, this variant should of course not be missing either. In German latitudes the cardamom is particularly suitable for Christmas time popular all around and is used, for example, for oriental curd stollen, Cardamom cookies or Cardamom pretzels used.

If you want to serve a delicious pastry for the festival, you can use the special spice delicious cake conjure up. Such a spice cake can of course also be made with other spice variants.

How to store cardamom properly

The seeds or the dried capsules should be protected from light, airtight and, above all, stored cool and dry, then they will last up to a maximum of 5 years, but they should be used up in 1-2 years.

If the aroma is particularly intense, it is advisable not to keep the precious spice for longer than a year, because it quickly loses its taste.

Healthy eating

Cardamom spice contains a lot of essential oils as an exotic spice, which has a very positive effect on the human respiratory tract and digestion.

The miracle powder therefore has an antibacterial and phlegm dissolving effect. The blood circulation is stimulated, breathing is regulated. Therefore, the spice is also very suitable for colds.

Even the ancient Romans appreciated the substance and used it for stomach and intestinal problems. Pregnant women should avoid the spice in large quantities, otherwise contractions can occur quickly. Even those who suffer from high blood pressure should only consume the substance in small amounts, because the cardiovascular system is stimulated by it.

coffee and tea

Arabic coffee is best refined with the green version. This does not really enhance the taste of the coffee, but rather makes the caffeinated hot drink particularly digestible.

The powder can either simply be added to the coffee, or the complete capsules can also be boiled. It is an important part of Ayurvedic medicine.

The famous and well-known yogi tea is also made with it in India. In India, every family of their own has their own secret recipe for it. Ready-made tea blends are of course also available in stores. If you like, you can do experiments and herbal teas yourself. In any case, the spice and ingredients are considered beneficial to health, so experiments are always welcome.

In the shop there is a separate section exclusively for Ayurvedic herbal teas, discover the other way of enjoying tea.

Promote digestion

Cardamom is a real fire for digestion and helps clear your head. Ayurvedic teaching confirms this. That is why it makes sense to chew the capsules. This allows all essential oils to develop. This also stimulates the formation of human saliva and blood supply to the head. In addition, chewing gives you fresh breath.

As an aphrodisiac

In the Arab countries, cardamom is seen as an aphrodisiac because it supposedly increases libido. Manufacturers of perfumes like to use the scent or use the special aroma as an additive in bathrooms for particularly exciting moments. The well-known spirit of lemon balm also contains the special substance. If there are sleep problems, the remedy should be mixed with cinnamon and milk in the evening before going to sleep.

A long story

It is not for nothing that the spice has been an old tradition in the eastern world for several thousand years. The Semen first arrived in Europe around 1200 years ago. The all-rounder is particularly popular among natural remedies. In addition, this offers an exotic and tasty spice. Both savory dishes and sweet delicacies can be enriched, this also applies to many drinks. If you want to support your health, you should always have the powder in the kitchen.

The plant

The plant grows in the bush and looks like an herbaceous plant. The strong stems push themselves up from a very thick rhizome. As soon as they have made it through the earth, they glow green. The leaves taper towards the top and shine a little. The plant looks something like a palm frond.

Individual plants can reach a height of up to two and a half meters. The flat lateral shoots grow directly at the transition between the root and the herb. The flowers themselves are closely grouped together and have a yellow border.

The seed pods develop as soon as the flowering period is over. These seed pods have a gray or green color, they can also be yellow. The appearance of the seeds is almost comparable to that of beechnuts. The seed itself can be between ten and 20 mm long.

The cardamom plant is best grown in a warm, humid, tropical climate. It prefers forest edges in partial shade. The harvest takes place shortly before the actual time of maturity. Then the seed pods are laid out to dry. These are then ground, the shell is preserved during this process.

An undemanding houseplant

If you are interested, you can even keep the wonder plant at home as a houseplant. It thrives both in the blazing sun and in the shade and is relatively undemanding. Therefore, the plant can stand on the windowsill. As a rule, however, it never comes to flower. Even so, the leaves of the plant are green all year round. If you like, you can use the leaves all year round in the kitchen to prepare special recipes. Because it is easy to cultivate, the plant is very popular, because even cold winter temperatures do not bother it.

Cardamom as a remedy

If you want to use the plant as a remedy, it should always be used as a powder, alternatively whole seeds can be used to further process them yourself. Even freshly prepared powder naturally brings the highest level of healing power. If it is stored for too long, many substances can evaporate. In addition, the aroma is lost. The shorter the storage times, the better. Who would have thought that this medicinal plant could even help against bad breath, asthma and flu?

Summary of the areas of impact:

  • to cough
  • cold
  • asthma
  • flu
  • Flatulence
  • Menstrual pain
  • Stomach cramps
  • Indigestion

Although it has not yet been possible to thoroughly examine the plant and scientifically confirm the effects, there are very many followers and fans. The plant is an important component, especially in the Chinese diet in Asia.

Health aspect

The incomparable spicy taste comes from the essential oils. Anyone who has eaten too much in between can also make use of the special healing power. This quickly appeases a stressed stomach and stimulates bowel activity. The remedy is also very useful when dealing with flatulence. After all, the spice is closely related to the ginger root. Some even swear that this can illuminate the libido or the personal state of mind.

Typical spicy dishes, in which the spice must not be missing, are, for example:

  • gingerbread
  • stollen
  • Spekulatius

That is why the spice must not be missing for the Christmas cookies, especially at Christmas time. Of course, it can also be used in sweet sauces or marinades. Of course, the spice is also an essential part of various curry mixes. Spice blends have no limits in this regard. The ginger plant is also suitable for rice dishes and soups and is ideal for roasted pork or veal.

But the spice can shine not only in dishes, but also in various drinks. Some alcoholic beverages taste even better as a result, and a taste of punch, punch, mulled wine or compote, or even ice cream, can do no harm.

Tip for consumption:

Because the spice quickly loses its aroma, it makes sense to buy fresh and often more often and in small quantities. Otherwise it can happen that the aroma or the essential oils lose their strength. Storage is best in a closed container in a dark and airtight environment.

White variant

The white cardamom is particularly rare and very difficult to buy. After all, it is not a natural harvest, it is bleached green seeds.

Cardamom oil can be used for very special jams or desserts, alternatively it is also used for various fragrance lamps with a unique aroma. This increases the mood, if you like, you can of course also use it for skin care.

If you want to provide fresh breath, the spice can also be taken in the form of a chewable tablet. Especially when alcohol, garlic or onions cause a strong bad breath, ingestion and chewing can lead to a breath of fresh air. These chewable tablets are very often combined with menthol, lemon aroma, coriander, sage and the special spice.

Asian cuisine

The spice is particularly suitable for all those who love rice dishes or curry dishes from Asia. In addition, fish, meat and vegetables can be combined, so that there is a new change in the menu. The Indian masala is particularly popular. The whole family and friends are guaranteed to be delighted at the next party.

Mint, coriander, chilli, garlic and ginger also go well with it. When using the ground exotic spice should only be used as a small pinch, because it is relatively strong. The exotic spice is a very special change and challenge, especially for amateur cooks.