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Drugstore shampoos: these are the best products for long hair

Long hair needs an extra large amount of care because it is prone to breakage and split ends. There is a suitable product for every hair problem. In addition to the right conditioner and the right treatment, the shampoo also plays an important role. Ideally, you should always use products from a care range. Because they are coordinated and complement each other. We have here to keep your long hair healthy and shiny the best shampoos from the drugstore for you who fit in every budget. 💁🏼

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The right care for long hair

A long mane absolutely needs a lot of moisture. Otherwise your tips will become brittle and in the worst case even break off. Fortunately, there are tons of different ones Shampoos that provide the hair with moisture and nutrients. These help seal the hair fibers so that the moisture doesn't escape. If you need a volume booster for your Rapunzel hair, you should definitely make sure that the Shampoos free from oils and silicones are like the treatment by Santé Naturkosmetik, which you can buy on Amazon for 12 euros. Because they weigh down fine hair and let it hang down flat.

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Do you have long hair and wear it in a trendy color? Constant dyeing damages the mane. Therefore, use special repair shampoos like the treatment by Udo Walz, which maintain your dream lengths. To avoid unsightly color casts, it is recommended to click on Shampoos especially for your hair color to fall back on. So your color stays fresh and green or yellow tones are a thing of the past. Last but not least it pays to wash your long hair with deep cleansing shampoos. They not only clean the hair of grease, but also remove residues of styling products and silicones.

Do's and don'ts in hair care

More and more beauty manufacturers are turning to silicone-free shampoos - for good reason. Although silicones provide shine, volume and heat protection, they weigh down the hair at the same time. Since they are not soluble in water, they will build up like a thick layer around your mane over time. The result: at some point the hair no longer looks healthy and even dries out. Therefore you should Make sure to use a deep cleansing shampoo in betweenthat the silicone washes out completely. What we should not do without with our shampoo, however Collagen complexes, such as the "Keratin Collagen" shampoo from Dr. Shedu Berlin contains. They ensure that the mane shines, they also prevent severe hair loss.

These hair types should rely on silicone-free shampoos

No matter whether long or short - if you have very fine hair, you should prefer it Stay away from shampoos with silicones. Otherwise it can look stringy and flat very quickly.Therefore, prefer to use silicone-free care products such as Nivea hair milk. As soon as all the debilitating substances have been flushed out, return yours natural shine back and your mane feels just as soft as with silicone-containing shampoos - but it is much healthier! That is why it is definitely worth taking a close look at the ingredients

Washing long hair: this is how it works

In addition to the right shampoos, there are a few crucial things to consider when washing your hair. If you clean your mane incorrectly, it can quickly look strawy and frayed. So before you step into the shower, you should get your Comb hair. The reason: on the one hand, burdock is disentangled, on the other hand prevents her hair breakage. When washing yourself, you should use the care product that best suits your needs. If you thought hot water would remove excess sebum from your scalp, you are wrong. This removes moisture from the hair and thus promotes the production of fat. So rinse your roots and tips only lukewarm. Once you have moistened your hair, a small dollop of shampoo is all you need. If you wear a long bob, for example, is enough a drop 2.5 centimeters in diameter. Depending on the length, you can use a little more of your care product. Finally distribute the shampoo evenly in your mane and then rinse it out thoroughly with lukewarm water.

How often should you wash long hair?

Some do it daily, others once a week - but how often should we wash our hair? Star hairdresser Udo Walz knows the answer and lets you know in the "Apotheken Umschau": "You can wash your hair every day. The shampoos are now designed for that. "For example, low shampoos that are free from silicone and sulfates are perfect for washing your hair every day. However, it is "a can" and not "a must" to shampoo your head every day. "As long as the hair doesn't look greasy or smell unpleasant, there's nothing wrong with washing less often"says the styling expert. He also has a tip on how to prevent greasy hair: "If you massage the scalp too much while washing, you stimulate the production of the sebum glands and that makes the hair greasy." It is also important that you always rinse your mane well, emphasizes Udo Walz. "Rinse with cold water after every wash. That closes the cuticle of the hair and promotes shine ", adds the celebrity hairdresser.

THIS is how your hair becomes even longer

If the tips are healthy and have their split ends cut regularly by the hairdresser, then hair cannot be long enough. So that the mane grows even faster, there are a few other tips in addition to choosing the right shampoo:

  1. Head massages: These stimulate the blood circulation in the hair roots and the hair grows stronger, more voluminous and faster. Massage your head every evening for five minutes with a so-called head spider, which you can buy on Amazon for just under 13 eurosand after a few weeks you will be able to see the first results.
  2. Sports: Whether yoga, jogging or strength training - Regular training sessions get the metabolism going and this affects not only the figure, but also faster hair growth. What if that isn't a motivation for a little workout tonight ?!
  3. nutrition: A lot can be achieved in terms of hair health with diet too. By opting for a balanced, protein-rich diet, the strands are adequately supplied with important nutrients and minerals and they grow back shinier and healthier.

Above in the picture gallery you will find the best shampoos from the drugstore that ideally care for your hair:

  1. "L'Oréal Paris Botanicals Shampoo Lavender", about 7 euros on Amazon
  2. Shampoo and conditioner without silicone from Ayan, about 27 euros on Amazon
  3. High-quality care and free of harmful chemicals: Pure, organic argan oil from NATYR, about 15 euros on Amazon
  4. Repair shampoo made from organic ginko from Sante Naturkosmetik, about 16 euros on Amazon
  5. 5-pack "Schauma Nature Moments Shampoos" made from Moroccan argan oil and macadamia oil, about 13 euros on Amazon
  6. "Elvive Dream Length" - Shampoo from L'Orèal, about 15 euros (6 pieces) via Amazon
  7. "Repair & Detox" shampoo avocado oil by John Frieda, about 6 euros on Amazon
  8. "Intensiv Strengthening Beer Shampoo" by Guhl, about 2 euros on Amazon
  9. "Lipidium Absolut Repair" shampoo from L'Oréal Professionnel, about 50 euros on Amazon
  10. "Schauma Himmlisch Lang" shampoo from Schwarzkopf, at Amazon approx. 10 euros
  11. "Extreme Set" by Redken, at Amazon approx. 40 euros
  12. "Olaplex No. 04 Bond Maintenance" shampoo, at Amazon approx. 28 euros
  13. "Haarmilch" from Nivea, 6-pack at Amazon approx. 20 euros
  14. "The Ritual of Dao" by Rituals, on Amazon approx. 36 euros
  15. "True Treasures" shampoo from Garnier, at Amazon approx. 3 euros

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