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What is the secret of successful creative people? There are of course a variety of individual answers to this question. If you look at the biographies and habits of many artists and designers, one thing becomes clear: In addition to a good dose of talent, it takes a lot of practice to train your own skills. That is why it pays to turn creative work into a daily routine. The Inktober Challenge, which starts in a few days, is a great occasion for this. For everyone who doesn't know October yet, we'll briefly explain what it's all about and, of course, how you can participate.

We also have something to win. How you can take part in our Inktober competition at the same time as you participate in Inktober, you can now find out in our blog article.

What is inktober?

In a short video, Jake Parker, the founder of the Challenge, explains the origin of Inktober.

Inktober is a creative challenge that extends over the month of October. The artist Jake Parker started the challenge in 2009. In order to further develop his drawing skills, he has made drawing a daily, positive habit.

The participants create a drawing every day in October and publish it online under the hashtags #inktober and # inktober2020. You can discover an endless list of great illustrations on Instagram.

Inktober is about your own development and the fun of drawing. The challenge is to get an idea down on paper every day. The reward: You can see how your style and quality change within a month with regular practice.

At first, the participants implemented their own ideas. Jake Parker has published a prompt list in early September every year since 2016. The 31 keywords should inspire you to new ideas and creative implementations.

This is the prompt list for October 2020:

There are only a few rules for October:

  • Make a drawing in ink or india ink
  • Post your work online
  • Mark your post with #inktober and # inktober2020
  • Repeat this for all 31 days in October.

Like the prompt list with the keywords, the specification of the painting materials is only a recommendation. The restriction to black ink calls for creative solutions. But if you want to implement your own ideas or want to use other drawing tools, you can do that. The important thing is simply to deal with your own drawings on a regular basis.

By the way: The English word Ink describes both ink and Indian ink in German. Whether you draw in ink or Indian ink depends on a number of factors. But we don't want to inflate this article with the digression. To make it easier, in this blog article we are talking about ink and Indian ink.

Which paper we recommend you for October and how you can win it, we will show you below in the text.

October for lettering artists

Do you feel comfortable with letterings, but don't illustrate? Inktober is still a great challenge for you! For 31 days you will receive a word that can be the motto for your lettering or your typographic illustration. So dear letterlovers: Get on your pens and pens!

Inspiration & anticipation for October 2020

It will start soon. We are excitedly looking forward to October 2020. To get us and you in the mood, we look back on October 2019. Many artists have created fantastic work. Here are some highlights with creative fonts and illustrations.

Luma watercolor paper for drawings with ink and india ink

New at Papier Direkt: Luma watercolor paper in DIN A5 format. So you always have a handy format for your letterings and illustrations with ink or Indian ink. Simply put it on a clipboard and off you go

The paper was put through a real endurance test. Glaze, wash, granulate ... all no problem. Manga artist Nashi tested the paper and told us about it in an interview. The result: The Luma watercolor paper is extremely versatile with its rough front and smooth back. You can use any technique without any problems. Fine letterings on the smooth side, dynamic typographic illustrations on the structured front.

We are giving away 3 packs of Luma watercolor paper DIN A5 in October.

This is how you can win the Luma A5 watercolor paper: Take part in Inktober and link @papierdirekt to your #inktober posts on Instagram. After the end of October 2020, we will select the best works and let the Papier Direkt fans vote on the three best works in the stories.

We wish you a lot of fun drawing and good luck with the competition!

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