IKEA is popular in many countries

The change comes as a surprise to Ikea customers. The Swedish furniture store is breaking with a long tradition - not just because of Corona.

  • Ikea is probably one of the most popular furniture stores in Germany.
  • Despite all the traditions in Sweden, Ikea is always trying to adapt to new circumstances.
  • Now the popular Ikea catalog is affected by an innovation.

Stockholm / Dortmund - Billy, Gunrid and Kallax: Of course you can find all this and many more crazy Swedish furniture names at Ikea, probably the most popular furniture store in Germany. So it's not surprising that some of them have changed over the years Ikea traditions have developed. One, however, is only available in a slimmed-down version.

furniture shopIkea
founderIngvar Kamprad
foundingJuly 28, 1943, Älmhult, Sweden

Ikea: Catalog has tradition - that should change in 2020

Before it to Ikea many customers study the extensively Catalogwhich comes out once a year and take inspiration from Sweden. The Ikea catalog gives incentives to buy and shows how beautiful you can live in Swedish.

Every year in August he comes Catalog of Ikea home to customers - and has been for 69 years. Worldwide the Ikea bestseller Printed and sent over 200 million times and in 35 languages ​​- that is now changing. After some customers were already able to look forward to the new vegan Köttbullar at Ikea, there are now drastic changes to the popular Ikea catalog.

Ikeakatalog 2020 is sent less than usual in Germany

How Ikea on its German homepage, should be in the year 2020 Less Catalogs sent to German households than usual. When announcing the new Catalog adds Ikea on its homepage: "One thing is different this time: this year we have decided less Catalogs than usual to send. "

Goes in Austria Ikea even a step further. There the Ikea catalogs 2020 no longer automatically delivered. Also in France, Greece, Italy and Spain less should Catalogs of Ikea be sent.

The first picture from the new #IKEA catalog is there - but it is still strictly guarded. Since we are sending fewer catalogs than usual this year, you can order your personal copy online now and we will send it to you from August 17th. to: https://t.co/QwNinhCVAApic.twitter.com/IUvMJwJrjb

- IKEA_Germany (@IKEA_Presse) July 24, 2020

Ikea catalog 2020 in a smaller edition for the environment and the cash register

200 million Catalogs worldwide - that's a lot of paper and not particularly sustainable. Because of this, it has become Ikea decided to stop the production of Catalogs to shut down something and at the same time indicate that it is the Catalog can be read digitally on the homepage.

A smaller edition of the Catalogs has a positive effect on the environment, but of course also on the household budget. According to Merkur, this could be another reason why Ikea wants to produce and deliver less free catalogs.

Ikea in the Corona crisis: company has to nibble on 90 percent sales losses

Because even the Swedish furniture giant has in the Coronavirus pandemic suffered. During the Corona lockdowns hardware stores and furniture stores were closed for weeks (more service news at RUHR24.de).

Of these, 53 were Ikea locations affected in Germany, loudly Mercury would have Ikea struggled with up to 90 percent loss of sales during this period. With a focus on online trading, the losses could at least be reduced to 70 percent.

Video: Ikea breaks new ground - vegan Köttbullar from Sweden

But who is still not on the printed Ikea catalog 2020 If you want to do without, you can pick it up in furniture stores from August 17th, and the popular one can also Catalog can still be ordered in Germany, then it ends up as usual August in the mailbox.

Or you can do without the paper waste and use your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Ikea catalog 2020 with all new products of the summer will be available on the homepage punctually from August 17th.