Which killer feature is WhatsApp preparing

Chain letter killer: WhatsApp is said to receive spam blockers

More news from the WhatsApp world: The eager beta tester Ilhan Pektas has discovered a new feature in the upcoming iOS version of the messenger that could put an end to annoying spam.

In the modern world of communication, there is hardly anything more annoying than finding unwanted messages in your inbox over and over again, which the best thing to do is to contaminate your smartphone via dubious links. With WhatsApp, suspicious numbers could only be banished to the block list so far. But as WhatsApp expert Ilhan Pektas is currently showing with a screenshot on his Twitter profile, the messenger could actually soon have a spam blocker.

WhatsApp put an end to spam

On the picture you can see two menu items to choose from, which appear as soon as you receive a message from a previously unknown cell phone number. WhatsApp now gives you the choice of whether you want to report the number in question as spam and block it or whether you want to add it to your contacts as an alternative. Unfortunately, Pektas does not include further information about the potential WhatsApp spam blocker in his tweet.

It is therefore unclear when the new feature will be rolled out for messenger users. It would definitely be welcomed, because WhatsApp has often had to deal with waves of spam in the past. Meanwhile, iOS users can continue to look forward to the upcoming call feature for WhatsApp, which is due to be launched in a few weeks.

Tweet from @ 0xmaciln