Why do vampires have fangs

Vampires at the dentist

Vampire teeth People from all over Europe travel to Jelena Hesse (34) in Osnabrück, Germany, to have her own individual vampire teeth. The trained dental technician is still amazed that vampires are suddenly so popular. Marco Kamber

Ms. Hesse, what kind of people sit on the dentist's chair for a pair of vampire teeth?

Jelena Hesse: The range is very broad: from 16-year-old teenagers to 69-year-old grandmothers. So last week I had someone from the fetish scene, but also a woman who is obsessed with vampire films and books.

Your customers come from all over Germany. Are you the only one who makes vampire teeth?

Hesse: As far as I know, I am one of the few in Europe who manufactures and inserts teeth on site. You have to send an impression of your teeth to other providers and the teeth will be sent to you later by post. It is never certain whether they will be properly seated. In America the vampire scene is bigger, there are more providers.

Did you teach yourself the technique?

Hesse: Of course not. I am a trained and studied dental technologist. So it is also my main job to manufacture artificial teeth. I do the more pointed ones in my spare time, so to speak, and have been doing this for 14 years.

Can the teethers be harmful to the position of the teeth or the gums?

Hesse: In no way.

The teeth are placed directly on the canines and are fixed - so nothing can move. Only those who still have wisdom teeth when the vampire teeth are inserted and have them removed afterwards, have to reckon with shifts in the sharp teeth.

What do your teeth cost?

Hesse: That is very individual, depending on the model.

There are eleven different versions - the classic “Vampire” costs 40 euros, while “Chaos Total” costs 190 euros. There, however, all front teeth, above and below, are also lengthened.

And how long do the teeth last?

Hesse: Exactly as long as your own teeth will last. The material of the vampire teeth is the same as that of "third teeth", which you get, for example, if you have knocked out a tooth in an accident.

What do you do when you're not putting vampire teeth in? Are you also involved in the “Modern Vampire” scene yourself?

Hesse: I would rather call myself weekend Gothic. I am interested in vampires, but more from a dental perspective (laughs).

The Gothic scene is to a certain extent related to that of the vampire fans. Is there really nothing that fascinates you about vampires?

Hesse: No - and it is rather surprising why these mystical characters and the films and series about them are suddenly so popular. Because in our imagination the vampires have actually been present for centuries.