How can I buy a PayPal Mastercard

Now comes the PAYPAL credit card

Anyone who shops a lot on the Internet comes to the payment service PAYPAL hardly over. Has long been the service provider has made a name for online retailers and shoppers alike as a particularly secure and customer-friendly payment option. But PAYPAL has long since arrived in the analog world. With the wallet app, users can now also pay in brick-and-mortar stores, although this area of ​​application is not yet available nationwide and worldwide. Now comes the next highlight of the payment service provider, with which he finally also wants to reach the physical financial market: the PAYPAL credit card.

What can the PAYPAL credit card do?

First of all, the Credit card from PAYPAL of course everything that a regular credit card can do. In addition, PAYPAL combines a payback function with double buyer protection on its credit card, which was set up on the one hand by PAYPAL itself and on the other hand by MASTERCARD. And this is how the PAYPAL credit card stands out from conventional credit cards.

How secure is the PAYPAL credit card?

Anyone who knows the online payment service PAYPAL knows that data security and buyer protection have always been a top priority there. Nothing will change that with the credit card. Instead, PAYPAL even transfers its buyer protection to the credit card, which was developed in collaboration with MASTERCARD. MASTERCARD, in turn, guarantees the customer additional buyer protection in the form of a best price guarantee.

The classic PAYPAL buyer protection for credit cards

Buyer protection from PAYPAL guarantees the customer a refund of the amount paid including postage, should be the goods purchased within three weeks not be delivered or the customer that wrong or defective product have received.

The additional buyer protection from MASTERCARD

The credit card that PAYPAL brought out together with MASTERCARD also includes one Best price guarantee, under which the customer is reimbursed the difference in the purchase amount up to 60 days after purchasing a product, should the market price fall during this period.

The PAYPAL payback function

Another component of the customer-friendly PAYPAL conditions is the pay or Credit card cashback function. For every purchase with the Mastercard credit card from PAYPAL, the credit card holder receives bonus points credited to his PAYPAL account:

  • 3 bonus points for every dollar paid on gasoline and in restaurants.
  • 2 bonus points for every dollar spent on PAYPAL itself and on eBay.
  • 1 bonus point for every dollar wagered on the credit card.

The bonus points have no expiry date and can be collected in any amount on the PAYPAL account. From 2,200 points collected, the bonuses can be redeemed in vouchers or paid directly with them. From 6,000 points you can have them paid out or credited to your PAYPAL account as monetary value and then transferred to your bank account if you wish.

The previously known conditions of the PAYPAL credit card

For all those who have now become curious, the following details are still important to know:

  1. The PAYPAL credit card came on September 1st. on the market without much advance notice - but only in the USA for the time being.
  2. The credit card from PAYPAL and Mastercard should be issued without an annual basic fee.
  3. For every transaction made with the credit card, the customer is credited with 2% of the amount paid as monetary value on the PAYPAL account.
  4. The PAYPAL credit card would be the first credit card in the world where customers benefit from guaranteed buyer protection.
Although expansion into other countries is quite likely and conceivable, PAYPAL will initially only introduce the credit card in the USA. There is therefore no way of applying for a credit card on the German market. PAYPAL and MASTERCARD are equally covered with information about planning to open up further financial markets and will probably first wait for the test run in the USA. It remains to be seen whether the business with the free credit card plus customer bonuses will work.