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WoW: World of Warcraft: Gnomes as a people

World of Warcraft: Gnomes as a People

The eccentric, often brilliant, gnomes, known for their obsession with developing new technologies and making new constructions, served the Alliance well in the Second War. However, during the invasion of the Burning Legion, the Alliance's gnomes refused to support them. Although the gnomish designs helped win the war in the Alliance's favor, the dwarves and humans were shocked that the gnomes kept their troops to themselves.

As a gnome, unfortunately, you shouldn't be happy about a property like the humans - you start in Gnomeregan.

When the war ended, the Alliance began to understand what the cause of the sudden refusal was. An ancient, barbaric threat haunted the gnome capital Gnomeregan. Knowing that their allies' primary goal was to fight the Burning Legion, the gnomes chose to fight alone. They fought valiantly, but Gnomeregan was lost and half of the Gnomish culture was wiped out.

The survivors fled to the capital of the dwarves, Iron Forge, where they put themselves in the service of the Alliance and developed weapons and strategies to recapture their conquered city.

Gnomes are a dwarf people who have made a lasting impression in many areas due to their use of collective intelligence and collective ambition. They are famous engineers, mechanics and technicians and are widely respected for their knowledge of the scientific aspects of the world.

In addition, they are able to convert this knowledge into the invention and construction of tools, vehicles, armor and weapons. Similar to the dwarves, gnomes were once created by the titans and are now trying to recapture their occupied city.

Peculiarities / advantages of the gnomes Like the other races in World of Warcraft, the gnomes have various racial abilities that can bring you advantages on your adventures. If you want to choose a gnome for your class, you can look forward to the following skills:

  • Escape Artist: Gnomes are small and nimble. This will help them to escape many traps and undo all effects of immobilization or slowing down of movement.
  • Alert Mind: Curious and creative like the gnomes are, they are more intelligent than other races, which gives their man supply a bonus.
  • Technologist: Gnomes gain an engineering skill bonus increased by 15.
  • Arcane Resistance: Due to their natural resistance to arcane magic, they are less likely to fall victim to arcane spells.
  • Skilled fingers: Gnomes are very quick.
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