How much Tratak can improve our studies

A simple candle meditation for the whole family in the dark season


Place a candle with a steady flame about 1m away at eye level. Extinguish all light sources in the room. Even the standby lights.
If you want to do this wonderful light meditation together with your family in the dark season, you can sit in a circle around the candle. Brighten and enliven the interior.

Let your breath flow in a relaxed manner and stare (stare = Tratak) with relaxed eyes into the flame for half a minute without blinking. If tears come, your eyes will be cleansed.

Then close your eyes completely relaxed and visualize the flame in your mind's eye, either in the heart center in the middle of the chest or in the space between the eyebrows. Try to see the flame clearly without exerting yourself.
You can do a total of 3 passes and, after a little practice, increase the times.

Tratak is also a purifying exercise for our mind, clearing thoughts and feelings. Our restless mental overactivity calms down.

At the same time, the increased attention focused on a center leads to relaxed concentration. What a boon!

This exercise is an excellent cleaning of the eyes and strengthens our eyesight.

The brain is invigorated and vitalized via the optic nerve and at the same time we experience a state of relaxed attention.

Alternative: Stare and relax without blinking or looking around at the rising or setting sun at the moment when it is red, or practicing Tratak under the full moon.

Children are very accessible for this atmospheric meditation and love to "look into the light" together.

Tratak is one of the 6 kriyas (cleansing techniques) in yoga and is also recommended in Ayurvedic science.

If you have any questions or want to share your experiences, please feel free to contact us.

Or visit our meditation course in which we regularly practice Tratak alongside other centering exercises.

And now have fun staring ...

Photo copyright: sambhavi, India Vrindavan 2008: Oil lamp and rose petals during a ritual.