After Trump's victory, arms sales fell

Trump shows doubts about his own victory

Washington - US President Donald Trump has shown doubts about his certainty of victory for the first time since the election. "The government will not do a lockdown," said Trump on Friday at an appearance in the rose garden of the White House, which was about a coronavirus vaccine. "Hopefully it will - whatever happens in the future, who knows what government it will be, I think that will be seen. But I can assure you, this government is not going to lockdown."

US broadcaster reported on Friday that Trump challenger Joe Biden won 306 voters in the election on Tuesday last week according to their polls - significantly more than the 270 required for a victory. These were Trump's first public statements at an appearance since Thursday last Week. He didn't take questions from reporters.

Prosecutors do not want to consider election

According to a newspaper report, numerous prosecutors do not want to comply with Justice Secretary William Barr's order to review the results of the US presidential election. In a joint letter, 16 prosecutors asked Barr to withdraw his Monday instruction, the Washington Post reported on Friday. They were not aware of any unusual irregularities in the counting of votes.

According to data providers and US media, US President Donald Trump lost the election. According to Edison Research, his Democratic challenger Joe Biden has a total of 306 voters, Trump has 232. It takes 270 voters to win. High-ranking representatives of the US electoral authorities speak of the election as "the safest in American history". You will not see any evidence of fraud or other irregularities.

Biden as a winner

So far, Trump has not yet admitted his defeat, but has filed lawsuits in several states. His campaign team had alleged election fraud and irregularities in the voting. Experts do not expect the lawsuits to have any chance of success. On Thursday, US security authorities rejected allegations of fraud.

CNN, NBC, ABC and CBS predicted on Friday that Democrat Biden won the state of Georgia and Republican Trump won the state of North Carolina. These were the last two states that had not yet declared a winner in last Tuesday's election.

"Landslide Victory" 2016

Trump had won the 2016 election with exactly Biden's current predicted result against his then rival Hillary Clinton: Trump had 306 voters at the time, Clinton had 232. Trump now also has 232 according to the broadcasters' forecasts. In 2016 he had a "landslide victory" even though he had the most electorate in the states, but nationwide, nearly three million fewer votes than Clinton.

In the national electoral vote, Biden is more than five million ahead of Trump: The Democrat has almost 78 million votes (50.8 percent), the Republican 72.7 million (47.5 percent). The US president is only elected indirectly by the people. The votes of the voters decide on the composition of the electoral college, which then elects the president in December. A candidate needs a majority of the 538 electorate to win. (APA, red, November 14, 2020)