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Issue 195 Captain America: Steve Rogers

Issue 195 Captain America: Steve Rogers, Under the Sign of the Hydra
Contents: Excerpt from Free Comic Book Day 2016: Captain America: Steve Rogers and Captain America: Steve Rogers 1-6
Author & draftsman: Nick Spencer, Jesús Saiz, Javier Pina, Miguel Angel Sepulveda
Hachette Collection

The revitalized and rejuvenated Captain America is back to continue his mission as the Guardian of Freedom. But Hydra has returned, more diabolical than ever! All over the world people succumb to the lure of fascism, which provides supposedly simple answers in a confusing world. As the plague spreads, SHIELD and his allies attempt to stop Hydra. But the heroes have no idea how far corruption has actually progressed.
“The death of Captain America”, his return, yes “Secret Empire” and “Uncanny Avengers” (by Remender), a lot has happened in Captain America.
But what about now, has he changed fronts "Heil Hydra"? But his opponents are also called Baron Zemo and Red Skull!
The mini series was published for the first time by Panini Verlag (April 2017) and has already sold for over € 50 at the two largest internet retailers. Get it now just because of the drawings by Jesús Saiz.

Issue 196 Onslaught: Part Three

Issue 196 Onslaught: Part Three
Contents: X-Man 18-19, X-Force 57-58, Punisher 11, X-Men 55, Uncanny X-Men 336, Cable 35 and The Incredible Hulk 445
Writer & Illustrator: Terry Kavanagh, Jeph Loeb, John Ostrander, Mark Waid, Scott Lobdell, Peter David, Steve Skroce, Anthony Castrillo, Tom Lyle, Andy Kubert, Joe Madureira, Ian Churchill, Angel Medina
Hachette Collection

When Onslaught sends his troops to fight the heroes, chaos breaks out. As the Avengers, Fantastic Four and X-Men try to protect New York, the villain targets a mutant whose powers he desires for himself: Nate Gray. Nate's enormous psi powers would make Onslaught invincible for good, as infamous geneticist Mr. Sinister knows only too well. But what else can he - or anyone else - do against Onslaught?

Issue 193 Moon Knight

Issue 193 Moon Knight: Welcome to the New Egypt
Contents: Moon Knight (Vol. 8) 1-5
Writer & Illustrator: Jeff Lemire, Greg Smallwood, Jordie Bellaire
Hachette Collection

Who is Marc Spector? Who is Steven Grant? Who is Jake Lockley? Who is Moon Knight? Did all of these people ever really exist or are they just delusions of a sick mind? Marc Spector is imprisoned in an institution, tortured by sadistic staff and dreams of the Egyptian god Khonshu. Somehow he has to escape this mental and physical prison to find out the truth about his life.
Moon Knight has already made eight of his own "MinI" series. The good thing for the writers is that they have a free choice of what to do with the character or its final appearance.
Whether Brian Wood, Warren Ellis, Brain Michael Bendis or creator Doug Moench, each of the artists has left his mark.
Choosing superstar Jeff Lemire is a brilliant decision here. Jeff Lemire is not available for models with strong men. His characters have depth, edges and corners, exactly on the outside as well as on the inside.
Jeff Lemire turns Moon Knight into a playground for his experiments. Every page, every picture is a feast for the eyes in a story that has nothing to do with the Marvel heroes.
An ingenious edition that screams more closely.

Issue 192 Onslaught: Part One

Issue 192 Onslaught: Part One
Contents: X-Men 53-54, Uncanny X-Men 334-335, Onslaught: X-Men, Avengers 401 and Fantastic Four 415
Author & illustrator: Mark Waid, Scott Lobdell, Tom DeFalco, Andy Kubert, Adam Kubert, Dan Green, Joe Madureira, Carlos Pacheco, Mike Deodato
Hachette Collection

For months the X-Men have been haunted by a mysterious name: Onslaught. Who is this mysterious being? And why is it so obsessed with mutants? Meanwhile, Jean Gray makes great strides to find out the identity of the traitor within the X-Men - because one of the heroes is supposed to destroy the team. Do these two threats have anything to do with each other? Experience a spectacle that will shake the X-Men to the core and change the Marvel universe forever!

188 / 190

Issue 188 Earth X: Part One
Contents: Earth X 0-6
Writer & Draftsman: Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, John Paul Leon
Hachette Collection

In a world where everyone has superpowers, the heroes of yore are superfluous. Or is it not? It's been twenty years since the mysterious Plague X bestowed mutant powers on all humans. On the moon, the observer Uatu calls the robot X-51 alias Machine Man to watch the events that will decide the future of humanity. But what secrets are hidden under the surface of Earth X? And what will happen when these come to light?

Issue 190 Earth X: Part Two
Contents: Earth X 7-12 and X
Writer & Draftsman: Jim Krueger, Alex Ross, John Paul Leon
Hachette Collection

The earth has changed completely. From the moon, X-51 and Uatu observe a planet populated with super people and report on the possibly last days of this earth. When the mystery of the Celestials comes to light, humanity is threatened with extinction. Can the forgotten superheroes of yore stop the inevitable, or is the end actually approaching?
It's about the future of the Marvel Universe and the task of keeping in mind 40 years of comic strip continuity. The Celestials also play a decisive role here, but this is only fully recognizable in the course of the story.

What are the former superheroes like Captain America, Reed Richards or Cyclops worth when everyone has superpowers?
A mini series that quickly became a hit thanks to the collaboration of Alex Ross. While Ross draws the cover, the inside is from John Paul Leon who gives the pictures a melancholy gloom.
The series, which was first published by Panini in eight volumes, numbered from 0 to 7, is published here in two books.
It can be assumed that the follow-up works Universe-X and Paradise-X appear in the same form.


Issue 189 Old Man Logan: The Last Ronin
Contents: Old Man Logan 8-13
Author & illustrator: Jeff Lemire and Andrea Sorrentino
Hachette Collection

Old Man Logan has been transported back from the future to the present of the Marvel world. Here's a chance to prevent the super villain uprising that was to devastate the world. His hunt for Lady Deathstrike takes him to Japan and the clutches of the Silent Order. But Logan has already met these mysterious war monks - in the future he came from. Strangely enough, the monks also seem to know this - and that their opponent brings nothing but ruin.
After a real fear of a regular series "Old Man Logan" the announcement is that Jeff Lemire will write the story and this will be graphically implemented by Andrea Sorrentino.
The two do not adhere to any role models, but instead create something completely new here.
Jeff Lemire creates it from a basically simple story, something special, something really unique. Andrea Sorrentino lets his style flow freely, unusual images that always invite you to discover something new. Together they created the first 13 editions, which are now available here in two books. What came next in the series "Old Man Logan Vol. 2" never reached this class again, all the better that the two have completed their cycle


Issue 187 Civil War II: Part 1
Contents: Civil War II 0-4, Free Comic Book Day: Civil War II and Civil War II: The Accused
Author & illustrator: Brian Michael Bendis, Marc Guggenheim, David Marquez, Olivier Coipel, Jim Cheung, Ramon Bachs, Garry Brown
Hachette Collection

Alliances crumble and friendships break as the superhero community on earth divides again. The trigger is an inhuman who can foresee events. Some heroes want to use his gift to protect the future, others want to use it to change the future. But when it comes to the first victims, the fronts harden, the conflict escalates and shakes the Marvel universe to the core.

Issue 191 Civil War II: Part Two
Contents: Civil War II: The Fallen, Civil War II 5-8 and Civil War II: The Oath
Writer & Illustrator: Brian Michael Bendis, Greg Pak, Nick Spencer, David Marquez, Mark Bagley, Rod Reis
Hachette Collection

When an Inhuman appears who can predict the future, a new Civil War breaks out between the heroes of the earth. Captain Marvel is on one side and Iron Man on the other. While Ulysses has more and more visions of the future and superheroes are arrested for crimes they have not yet committed, Iron Man reveals the secret of Ulysses' powers. But even this no longer prevents the greatest battle that has ever shaken the Marvel world.

Mark Millar and Steve McNiven created a milestone in Marvel history in 2006/07 with their Civil War crossover. A sequel was inevitable
Ten years later, the authors Brian Michael Bendis, Marc Guggenheim and Greg Pak, as well as the cartoonists David Marquez, Mark Bagley, Adam Kubert, Jim Cheung, among others, set about repeating the turmoil of an ideological war. At its core, it's Iron Man versus Captain Marvel in this case, but only at its core, because this time no prisoners are taken. The story of Brian Michael Bendis often leaves you with a surprising look, there is blow from blow in this war. If I had expected to cut back on the predecessor in advance, it is a fully equivalent, if not a larger work.

182 / 184 / 186

Issue 186 Avengers Galactic Storm, Part 3
Contents: Wonder Man 9, Avengers 347, Captain America 401, Quasar 35-36 and What If? (Vol. 2) 55-56
Author & illustrator: Mark Gruenwald, Bob Harras, Len Kaminski, Rik Levins, Jeff Johnson, Stephen B Jones, Steve Epting, Greg Capullo, Craig Brasfield, John Czop, Darren Auck & Dave Simons
Hachette Collection

The Avengers' desperate attempts to forge peace between the Kree and Shi'ar seem doomed. When the war between the two empires reaches its climax, the superheroes of the earth are threatened with extinction. The team then has to make decisions that threaten to tear it apart. Is this the end of the Avengers?

Issue 184 Avengers Galactic Storm, Part 2
Contents: Quasar 33-34, Wonder Man 8, Avengers 346, Iron Man 279, Thor 446, Captain America 400 and Avengers West Coast 82
Author & illustrator: Bob Harras, Len Kaminski, Tom DeFalco, Mark Gruenwald, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, Jeff Johnson, Steve Epting, Paul Ryan, Patrick Olliffe, Rik Levins, David Ross, Rurik Tyler
Hachette Collection

There is war in the universe as the Kree and Shi'ar empires have gone to battle against each other. Since the conflict could be devastating for the earth, the Avengers send ambassadors to the warring parties in order to reach an agreement. But soon the superheroes of the earth are dealing with betrayal, with intrigue and with a weapon so powerful that it could destroy an entire galaxy.

Issue 182 Avengers: Galactic Storm, Part 1
Contents: Captain America 398-399, Avengers West Coast 80-81, Quasar 32, Wonder Man 7, Avengers 345, Iron Man 278 and Thor 445
Author & illustrator: Mark Gruenwald, Rik Levins, Roy Thomas, Dann Thomas, David Ross, Greg Capullo, Jeff Johnson, Bob Harras, Steve Epting, Len Kaminski, Paul Ryan, Tom DeFalco, Patrick Olliffe
Hachette Collection

The universe is in chaos as two galactic powers, the Kree and the Shi'ar, go to war with one another. The Avengers are faced with the seemingly impossible task of protecting Earth from interstellar conflict. But no matter who will emerge victorious - nothing will be the same again!

Avengers: Galactic Storm is a 20-part mammoth series with the Avengers, Avengers West Coast and Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Quasar and Wonder Man, which also runs through all of their solo series. The interstellar war between the Kree and the Shi'ar also threatens the earth, the heroes of the earth are divided into three groups, one each for the homeworlds of the Kree and the Shi'ar, and one to protect the earth. But this also means that the West Coast Avengers do everything to be on the same level as the Avengers.
It is nice to read this maxi series in one piece in three books in the correct order.


Issue 185 Deadpool v Gambit: The "V" stands for "VS."
Content: Deadpool v Gambit 1-5
Author & illustrator: Ben Blacker, Ben Acker, Danilo Beyruth
Hachette Collection

One is a charmer and thief whose smile broke countless hearts. The other is a psychopathic mercenary with a face like a dried meatball. Now Gambit and Deadpool team up for one last fishing trip - whether they like it or not. Can the two of them really trust each other or do they mess each other up on this crooked thing?
A crossover of the particularly chaotic kind. The two authors Ben Acker and Ben Blacker have been writing some Deadpool stories with success since 2013, a fact that has a full effect here and ensures that there are endless puns. Unfortunately, Danilo Beyruth's drawings are far from being of this quality. You can't get rid of the feeling that Danilo Beyruth was forced to do this Min series.


Issue 183 Daredevil: Chinatown
Contents: All-New, All-Different Point One 1 and Daredevil 1-5
Writer & Draftsman: Charles Soule, Ron Garney
Hachette Collection

Daredevil returns to New York with a new job and a new partner. His alter ego Matt Murdock now works for the prosecution and uses the opportunities to put villains behind bars. But when the powerful ruler of Tenfinger's underworld escapes him again and again, Daredevil and his partner Blindspot have to take care of the devilish criminal.
Matt Murdock alias "Daredevil" is back in New York, here he meets the new hero "Blindspot", who can make himself invisible with a self-made suit. "Blindspot" is an illegal Chinese immigrant who, like Daredevil, wants to protect his compatriots in Chinatown from exploitation and crime.
Even if the story has one or the other hang, the story gets a special note from the partly gloomy atmosphere of the cartoonist Ron Garney.


Issue 181 Doctor Strange: Blood in the Aether
Contents: Doctor Strange (Vo. 4) 11-16
Writer & illustrator: Jason Aaron, Chris Bachalo, Kevin Nowlan, Leonardo Romero, Jorge Fornés & Cory Smith
Hachette Collection

The terrible attack of the Empiricul is over - but on earth almost all magic has evaporated. Dr. Strange, recovering from the recent ordeal, finds himself in a precarious position, as his greatest enemies are well aware. Satana, the terrible Dormammu and even the infamous Baron Mordo are getting ready to finally seek revenge!
The third book in the Doctor Strange Vol. 4 series by Jason Aaron and Chris Bachalo
Chris Bachalo's drawings seem unusually hard and unusual here, but that is intentional. The plot separates itself from the whole other Marvel universe, so it does not require any prior knowledge. However, due to its peculiar nature, it will certainly not appeal to every reader. Something very special awaits everyone who wants to get involved.