Why didn't Bernie hit Hillary

US election campaign: Bernie Sanders wants to cooperate with Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders does not give up in the race for the presidential candidacy of the US Democrats for the time being. In a speech, however, he made it clear that he wanted to work with his party rival Hillary Clinton. Because after all: The "main political task" of the coming months is to ensure "that (the Republican) Donald Trump is defeated - and clearly," said the party left. He personally wanted to "take on his role in this process very soon," he announced.

He wanted to continue his campaign initially in order to anchor the "political revolution" he initiated more deeply, Sanders said in an Internet video to his followers. He wanted to renew the Democratic Party, if possible together with the likely presidential candidate Clinton, "so that it becomes a party of working people and young people and not just the rich party donors."

The party must return to its basic concerns, demanded the self-proclaimed "democratic socialist": standing up for workers, civil rights, the environment, women and homosexuals. "This is exactly what the political revolution is about," said the 74-year-old.

Clinton is slated to be officially named presidential candidate at the Democratic Party Conference in July. President Barack Obama recently demonstratively stood behind them. Clinton's freestyle is considered safe because she received significantly more support than Sanders in the primaries. It is expected that he will officially end his campaign in the foreseeable future so that the party can concentrate on the election campaign against real estate billionaire Trump.

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