What is Area 51 in reality

conspiracy theories : CIA confirms existence of mysterious "Area 51"

For decades, many absurd conspiracy theories have entwined around the mysterious "Area 51" in the Nevada desert - now the US secret service CIA has officially confirmed the existence of the area. The now released documents also contain a map that shows the location of the military exclusion zone, as CNN reported on Friday night. To the disappointment of ufologists and conspiracy theorists, however, there is no mention of extraterrestrials or “flying saucers”. The documents show that "Area 51" was used for other purposes. The location around 200 kilometers northwest of the casino metropolis Las Vegas was merely a test site for the spy planes U-2 and Oxcart during the Cold War. The documents had been released at the request of researcher Jeffrey T. Richelson from the National Security Archives of George Washington University, it was further said.

Confirmation of "Area 51" is a triumph for conspiracy theorists - but only half

The confirmation of the CIA is on the one hand a triumph for all conspiracy theorists, because it proves the long denied existence of "Area 51". On the other hand, the fact that this is not about aliens, but only about espionage, is a great disappointment for ufologists.

The myth about "Area 51" began on July 8, 1947. At that time, radio stations announced that a UFO had crashed near a US air force base. A short time later, the army denied the reports, but it was too late. The myth of Area 51 and the Roswell UFO crash was born. So it is said to have come to the rescue, storage and investigation of crashed alien spaceships. Conspiracy theorists believe that spaceships repeatedly fall to earth and are then stored and recycled in "Area 51". The living crew members of the ships are said to have helped in secret talks to develop aircraft based on extraterrestrial technology.

The conspiracy theories around "Area 51" got wilder and wilder

The conspiracy theories became wilder and wilder over the course of time and culminated in the assumption that the images of the "supposed" moon landing of the Americans on July 21, 1969 were shot in "Area 51".

Today "Area 51" is considered the "mother of all conspiracy theories". Books, films, computer games and an unmeasurable number of posts on the Internet are evidence of this.

The most famous example of this is probably the US blockbuster "Independence Day" by Roland Emmerich, in which the alien mother ship attacks the secret military base in which the aliens of the same race were stored. In the film, the US President is asked if he has ever heard of "Area 51". The president laughs, says that he has heard of this nonsense, until a senior employee tells him with a serious expression that "Area 51" really does exist. It then also plays a very central role in the film.

Was it really the CIA behind the Area 51 conspiracy theories?

There is also “Area 51” in the fourth part of the “Indiana Jones” saga. There should be a huge warehouse there, a proud 30 by 40 kilometers. US secret services store the remains of all kinds of objects in this hall, for example the Ark of the Covenant from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”.

So “Area 51” was always a big commercial project. But also a smaller one: the Mecca of conspiracy theorists is around the corner. The village of Rachel near "Area 51" is the destination of thousands of UFO fools every year. There is even a small dive bar, the "Little A'Le'Inn", in which pictures of UFO sightings are collected. In the vicinity of Rachel there are said to be repeated observations of light events, which are then traced back to UFOs. The highway in the area is therefore known as the "extraterrestrial highway" and is heavily marketed as a tourist magnet.

The fact that the CIA confirms that "Area 51" is a espionage project during the Cold War raises the question of whether the US secret services themselves did not spread the myth of the aliens in order to cover up the espionage activities. And is it a coincidence that the CIA is now publishing its confirmation? Should you now be distracted from unpleasant topics again? Conspiracy theorists will continue to have enough material to further spin their stories. with dpa

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