Why is Antshares NEO not moving

NEO forecast 2021-2025: growth beyond borders?

With the help of regression analysis, we try to predict cryptocurrency prices in a well-founded manner. The aim of the statistical analysis method is to explain a dependent variable (“regressand”), here the price of a cryptocurrency. One or more independent variables ("regressors") are required for this. Anyone who knows all the regressors for the development of a crypto price has basically found the world formula and can predict prices perfectly. Of course, this is not possible. However, one tries to find as many regressors as possible in order to be able to explain a regressand as best as possible. Our attempt at a more serious prediction can be found in the graph above this description.


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That moves the Neo course in May

NEO is a hot topic in the Chinese market. But can the crypto currency also prevail outside the domestic borders? What is the long-term NEO forecast? Will an investment pay off by 2025 and what is the expected profit or loss?

About NEO

For a NEO forecast, the most important key data about the cryptocurrency, the underlying technology and the company should be known. Therefore, there is a brief summary at this point. NEO was originally founded in 2014 by Da Hongfei under the name AntShares. The platform was rebranded in June 2017 and has been called NEO since then. The Chinese company Onchain is behind the project.

NEO was the first cryptocurrency in China. However, it fulfills far more functions than just being a means of transaction and payment. Similar to Ethereum, the blockchain-based platform allows developers to create smart contracts and dApps. Hence, many refer to NEO as that Ethereum from China.

NEO forecast: the most important factors

The long-term value of a cryptocurrency as an investment can be determined by a few decisive factors. The questions that a crypto investor has to ask hardly differ from those of another investor. These questions are important for a NEO forecast:

1. Does the product fulfill a function?

For NEO, this question can be answered with a clear yes. As already mentioned, NEO is not a cryptocurrency that is used solely as a means of payment and is therefore interchangeable with hundreds of other cryptocurrencies on the market. NEO can be used in numerous areas as it supports smart contracts and dApps. The project can perform valuable services for governments, corporations, developers, individuals and many more. The goal of NEO is the so-called Smart economy to advance. It is about the possibility of digitizing real assets in order to make them digitally tradable with the help of smart contracts and dApps. The global economy should benefit from this and become even more efficient, transparent and secure. This point will have a positive effect on the NEO forecast.

2. Are there any competing products?

NEO has to share the market with some other crypto projects. The most important are EOS, Tron and Ethereum. Based on market capitalization, all three are currently doing better than NEO. Tron is in 10th place with over US $ 2.2 billion, EOS has almost twice as much with US $ 5.4 billion and is in 6th place. However, the undefeated industry winner is Ethereum with almost US $ 32.8 billion. Therefore, Ethereum can arguably be called the biggest competitor.

3. How mature is the technology?

The Ethereum Blockchain leads the ranks of smart contract providers, but NEO (currently) has the better technical basis. The NEO blockchain does well 10,000 transactions per second, by comparison, Ethereum only manages 15 transactions. NEO has the better consensus mechanism with the delegated Byzantine fault tolerant (dBFT) consensus algorithm. This consensus method is similar to Proof-of-Stake (PoS) and significantly more energy-efficient than Ethereum's Proof of Work. In the long term, however, Ethereum will be able to catch up on this point once the switch to PoS has taken place.

While Ethereum uses its own language for smart contracts called Solidity, developers at NEO can write in popular programming languages ​​such as C #, Java, Phyton and Go. This makes it easier to get started, as no familiarization with a foreign language is required. The prospect of NEO 3.0 is very promising for further technical development and will make the platform even more powerful, stable and user-friendly.

4. Who are the partners and supporters?

NEO has the great advantage that it is supported and accepted by the Chinese government. Most crypto projects do not have this luxury, but have to deal much more with requirements and restrictions. Other important supporters of the open source blockchain project are Alibaba and Wings. This made NEO one of the most successful and widely used crypto projects on the Chinese market. But the company doesn't stop there and wants to take off globally.

Last year NEO tried to build bridges both in Europe and in South America. For example, NEO founder Hongfei spoke in May 2018 at the Economy Expo in front of the EU Parliament about blockchain technology and its advantages. The team held various hackathons, meetups, conferences and many other events across Europe and for the first time in Brazil. If the company manages to get started here, it could have a decisive influence on the NEO forecast.

Long-term NEO forecast for 2021-2025

Now that the most important points speak for a price increase or decrease, a long-term NEO forecast in numbers follows. There is no guarantee that a prediction will come true. The following forecasts differ as they are based on different analysis methods:

  • Wallet investor:
    This forecast platform uses technical analysis for its NEO forecast. In their opinion, NEO is a bad long-term investment. According to the calculations, the average price could be around US $ 0.91 by the end of 2020. Apart from a few minor fluctuations, the price will continue to develop negatively in the years to come. In 5 years, i.e. in July 2024, 1 NEO will only be worth US $ 0.44. Compared to the current price of around US $ 17, investors would lose over 97% of their investment.
  • Coinswitch:
    In this case, the NEO forecast is primarily based on the questions asked above and justifies the assessment based on current news and future developments. Therefore, Coinswitch sees NEO as a solid and promising investment. The expansion in the Asian market, the support from the Chinese government and the 3.0 update could raise the NEO price to US $ 274.8 by the end of 2020. Due to the high scalability and the not yet exhausted potential of the platform, as well as the possible growth by institutional investors, the price will be able to continue to rise until 2023. Then 1 NEO could be worth up to US $ 437. This trend will continue and a value of 533 would be achievable by 2025, according to the assessment.
  • Bitdegree.org:
    According to longforecast.com, the price of NEO will be on the order of $ 284 to $ 328 in May 2020 and rise to $ 438 to $ 504 by December 2020. The NEO Coin price prediction looks pretty good here, predicting that an investment of $ 100 today could bring in around $ 600 in 2022.

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