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Sasuke Uchiha

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Sasuke Uchiha(read: Sasūke, pronounce the "u" silently) is one of the last surviving members of the Uchiha clan. He is twelve years old at the beginning of the Naruto series and the best of the year at the Ninja Academy. He is aloof and avoids intense emotional contact with others. He has a special relationship only with Naruto Uzumaki: he is his best friend and at the same time his worst enemy, who has to be surpassed. His only goal is to destroy Konohagakure in order to get revenge for Itachi Uchiha and his deadly mission.


As a child

Even as a baby, Sasuke had deep dark, black hair and short, fringed bangs. The small cheeks were always red-cheeked. When he was a toddler, he first wore a blue, later a black T-shirt and gray shorts. Both tops had high collars, matching his later clothing as Genin, but in stark contrast to the same in Naruto Shippuuden. Despite the large, black pupils and the now longer, same-colored hair, his entire appearance never seemed dreary, because a smile was often on his lips. Sasuke often carried a white shoulder bag with her when she went to the ninja academy.

As a genin

Sasuke has black hair and dark eyes. He wears short bangs and two long strands that frame his face. At the back of his head his hair sticks backwards. At first he wears a blue top with a high collar and the Uchiha coat of arms on his back and light-colored trousers. He wears bright gauntlets on his forearms. In the standard version, he wears his Konoha headband directly on his forehead under his pony. A pocket over the buttocks and a couple of bandages complete his combat equipment.
After individual training with Kakashi shortly before the Chunin selection test, Sasuke swapped his dark blue outfit for a black one. The Uchiha coat of arms is still embroidered on the back, and he is now wearing elbow pads and a shuriken bag.

As a young man

During his time at Orochimaru, Sasuke changed his entire style. He is now wearing a white, loose shirt that he always wears open so that his bare torso can be seen. Nevertheless, the Uchiha coat of arms is also embroidered on the back. He also wears dark blue wide trousers, but these are tight around the shins. He also wears a short, gray-blue combat skirt that is tied around the waist with a large, purple-colored cord. This is knotted at the front and therefore does not form an upright loop like with Orochimaru. The sheath for his Kusanagi is in the back of the cord. He doesn't wear a headband. When he fights, he usually takes his arms out of the sleeves of his shirt so as not to tear it when he uses his mark of the curse and he grows wings.

In Team Hebi, his clothing has basically remained the same, only he often wears a dark gray coat with a light lining over it.
After Itachi's death, he exchanged his open shirt for a closed gray t-shirt with a high collar. He wears black gauntlets over his wrists, while the Uchiha coat of arms still adorns his back. The pants have stayed the same.
In Team Taka he wears an Akatsuki coat over his outfit, which is not equipped with a high collar, but a hood.


The Last

After two years of exile and repentance, his appearance has changed dramatically - now an earth-colored poncho that reaches to his knees dominates his appearance. This leaves a lot of space for the arms and, thanks to the linear pattern, looks even wider than the actual cut. Through life as a vagabond, his clothes - both the light blue pants and the ends of the poncho - are partly frayed and broken. The three-quarter trousers reveal the dark bandages that he has wrapped around his legs and shoes. The collar of his clothing under the poncho is also darker, while the chains - green, red and yellow - are chosen to match the earth colors of the poncho. He has wrapped a wide cloth around his head, from under which the black hair sticks out in strands. What is striking is the single strand that can be seen between the Rin'negan in the left and the Sharingan in the right eye.

As an adult

Eleven years later, he is now dressed in a dark blue to black, long coat with an elegant collar. Underneath he wears khaki pants, which are tucked into black boots. His top is purple to match the inside of the coat, but this is covered by a white vest, which can only be seen when he takes off his travel coat. His otherwise spiky, black hair is now straight and only fringed at the tips as usual. The left half of his face is covered by a strand of hair.


So...? If I come back ... What is there for me?

—Sasuke to Gaara at his request to come back from his hateful world[Source]

Since the beginning of the series, Sasuke has been a closed loner who doesn't see the need to have friends. This is because at the age of seven he had to watch his brother exterminate his entire clan, and from then on he resolved to kill his brother for it. So he lived a lonely and unfulfilled childhood that was only shaped by this plan of revenge.

When he became a genin at age twelve and became a member of Team 7, Sasuke thawed easily with the presence of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, and Kakashi Hatake. He relied on teamwork and began to make true friends. Even so, Naruto was his eternal rival, with whom he often argued and both always tried to outdo each other. But Sasuke hardly had time to become a friendly, always cheerful and fun-loving boy, because his plan of revenge, which he saw more as an obligation to revenge, was becoming more and more distant. Even with his newly learned Chidori, he couldn't harm his brother[13], and when Sasuke then even loses in the ultimate comparison with Naruto[14], he decides to leave Konohagakure and answer Orochimaru's tempting call. This shows that for Sasuke, revenge on Itachi simply comes before everything else, and he has to get stronger, even if that means becoming a Nukenin. For this, Sasuke even leaves his best friend Naruto.

But even after he got his revenge, there seems to be no way out of the vicious circle of vengeance for Sasuke. Devastated by the truth behind Itachi's plan, Sasuke decides to eliminate those who gave his brother this fateful assignment: Danzou Shimura, Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado[15]. When Gaara asks him at the meeting of the Kage that Sasuke could also manage to step out of the darkness and turn back to the light, the latter replies that he has long since turned away from it and that his only goal is the darkness.

Sasuke's childhood

Sasuke's brother is Itachi Uchiha. He was practically a genius and graduated from the ninja academy with top marks at the age of seven. Sasuke's father, however, apparently preferred his brother, as he, as the eldest son, was to be his successor. Furthermore, Fugaku had very high expectations of Sasuke, as he assumed that he had the same potential as his older brother. As a result, Sasuke tried with all his might to get his father's attention by trying to become as perfect as his brother. Sasuke adored his big brother and looked up to him in every way. He admired him, wanted to learn from him, train with him and always emulate him. But Itachi behaved in an extremely contradictory manner towards Sasuke: He often rejected him when Sasuke asked for a training session. Itachi often brushed him off and put him off with "Maybe next time." Such answers shook Sasuke deeply, as he longed for love and recognition. In other situations, Itachi is the kind-hearted big brother to him, carries him piggyback, laughs with him, trains him; and Sasuke got the love he wanted. Mostly, however, only to be disappointed by Itachi again shortly afterwards, because he had something else in mind ...

Sasuke's trauma

When Sasuke went to the forest after a normal day of school to practice with the shuriken, he forgot the time during the training and therefore came home late in the evening. He ran home as quickly as possible, but when he got to the Uchiha district, he became suspicious when he didn't meet a soul. He then hurried home even more, wanting to know how his parents are doing. However, the longer he ran through the deserted village, the more an uneasy feeling of fear crept into him. When he stood in front of his house, he heard screams. His suspicions had been confirmed. He found his parents dead on the floor and was then instantly attacked and tortured by Itachi.
Sasuke ran away from Itachi in a panic, but was quickly caught up by him. He took the opportunity to ask his brother why he did this. He did not get an answer from Itachi, but only this: Sasuke should fight, train and get stronger until he - just like Itach - had learned Mangekyou Sharingan, and then come back to him. In the meantime, Sasuke should hate and despise him. Since then, Sasuke only wants to become strong enough to take revenge and kill his brother.

Shinobi training

My name is Sasuke Uchiha. There are a lot of things I don't like and there is nothing in particular that I like. I don't have a dream for the future, I have a plan, and I will implement it. I will reunite my clan. And take revenge on a very specific person!

—Sasuke to Kakashi during his performance[16]

Right from the start, Sasuke was a model student who always received good grades. However, there was a lack of team spirit as he was a total loner and always preferred to be alone. Due to the early confrontation with the event of the brutal extermination of his clan, Sasuke was already fixated in cold blood on the murder of his brother at the age of twelve.

Training by Kakashi

Sasuke was trained by Kakashi Hatake along with Naruto Uzumaki and Sakura Haruno. During Kakashi's special bell test, Sasuke tried to complete the task on her own, which led to Kakashi giving the three of them a new task: While Naruto was tied to a tree trunk as punishment, Sakura and Sasuke were allowed to eat something. Surrendering something to Naruto would mean instant disqualification, Kakashi said. Sasuke realized, however, that they would never be able to remove the bells from Kakashi if Naruto could not start the fight full enough, which is why he gave him something despite the order[17]. This is exactly the lesson that Kakashi wanted the three to learn: teamwork is most important, and sometimes you have to defy direct order to successfully complete the mission.

Later, shortly before the final of the Chunin selection test, Sasuke was privately trained by Kakashi, who taught him the Chidori and trained him for speed.

Training by Orochimaru

After Sasuke left Konohagakure because he would not get any closer to his goal of defeating Itachi in this village, he went to Orochimaru for training. What exactly Orochimaru taught him and how he trained him is not known. In any case, Orochimaru let Sasuke sign a contract with the snakes so that Sasuke also learned some of the snake skills, such as the hunted Jubaku or the rebirth technique. Sasuke developed some variations of his Chidori during his time at Orochimaru.

Own training

After killing his brother Itachi Uchiha, Sasuke must have taught himself a few techniques that he can only use with the Mangekyou Sharingan. It is not known which training methods he used to learn Amaterasu and Susano'o. Theoretically, however, it could also be that Tobi taught him something about it.

He also discovers a new element in himself, the Enton, and also has a new summon, a hawk, to match the new name of his team, Taka.


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